Jagdish Mali’s friends and family to take legal action against Mink Brar?

The people close to the veteran lensman are planning to take legal action against model-actor Mink Brar for spreading wrong information about his disheveled condition

The shocking report of veteran photo-journalist and Antara Mali’s father Jagdish roaming disoriented and dishevelled on the streets of Mumbai has sent shockwaves across the film industry. Filmmaker Ashoke Pandit, a close friend of Jagdish, says he is shocked at the length people go to gain publicity. “This is so wrong! What is Mink Brar talking about? Jaggu (Jagdish) is not a crazed-out wanderer on the streets. We don’t know what she saw, or rather didn’t see. All we know is someone somewhere misinformed the press,” said Pandit.

The filmmaker said Jagdish is mentally and physically fine. “Jagdish is a close friend. He suffers from the normal ailments at his age. So what? That doesn’t make him a nutcase wandering on the streets. I meet him regularly. And would we, his friends and family allow him to wander on the streets if he was really unwell? He hasn’t touched a drop of alcohol for the past 15 years,” Pandit added informing that Jagdish’s well-wishers are sending a legal notice to Mink. “What she has done is wrong. It is very unfair to Jagdish and his daughter Antara. She is a good daughter. She takes good care of her father. We are taking legal action against Ms.Brar for serving up misinformation to the media for her own interests,” said Pandit.

Meanwhile, reactions over the news have poured in from all quarters. Veteran actor Raakhee Gulzar, who now lives in her posh farm outside Mumbai said, “It is disturbing to hear something like this. In our country there is no social-security system to ensure such things don’t happen.” Raveena Tandon, who looks after her parents while running her own household, thinks such sordid situations can be avoided. “It can happen to anyone from any walk of life. Everyone gets old. Everyone needs a support system. Friends can only provide moral support. It’s the family that needs to look after its senior members,” she said. Watch this space for more updates.