Jai Ho box office collection: Salman Khan’s latest film enters the Rs 100 crore club!

Jai Ho box office collection: Salman Khan’s latest film enters the Rs 100 crore club!

Though Dabangg Khan’s new film didn’t witness an earth shattering opening, his film is in fact doing very well at the box office. As per the latest buzz, Jai Ho is now a part of the coveted Rs 100 crore club

Sohail Khan’s Jai Ho starring his superstar brother Salman Khan and newbie Daisy Shah released last Friday (24 January). While Salman Khan’s latest offering started on a disappointing note with collecting only Rs 17.75 crore on its opening day, Jai Ho’s collection picked up on Sunday and the film approximately raked in Rs 26.25 crore. Internationally too, the Salman starrer initially had a dry run but Sohail Khan’s directorial venture eventually showed growth. And as per the media reports, Sallu miyaan’s much-talked about Jai Ho has now crossed the Rs 100 crore benchmark worldwide. Film critic and tade analyst Taran Adarsh tweeted, “Jai Ho started on a slow note in the international arena, but the biz witnessed day-wise growth in several markets. Jai Ho opng wknd: India *nett* Rs 60.68 cr, *gross* Rs 78.90 cr. Overseas *gross*Rs 22.38 cr. Worldwide total [gross]: Rs 101.28 cr.”

Within five days of its release, Salman’s film has grossed Rs 100 crore but sadly there is no hoopla around this piece of news. Maybe coz Aamir Khan’s Dhoom:3, Hrithik Roshan’s Krrish 3 and Shahrukh Khan Chennai Express which released last year raised the bar too high as far as numbers game is concerned. Whatever the reason but we do think Jai Ho is certainly not a flop. It may not break any records or create new ones at the box office but people are still going to the theatres to watch their favourite Khan. “Jai Ho passes the crucial ‘Monday test’. Collects Rs 9.50 cr. Total: 70.18 cr nett. India biz only” posted Adarsh.

Remember the old adage – slow and steady wins the race? Look like that’s the case with SK’s new film, hai na?

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  • akki

    Best.movie peoples mentality

  • Saif

    If this price was 700 ru. Then it would crOSS 54 croer

  • Arjun Kunwar

    i couldn’t understood why people are ignoring such a good movie::::::::: full of knowledge n entertainment

    • sagar

      agree with u dude

    • moin


    • diya

      I also agree.

  • Fakheer

    numbr one slmnan khan nd zbrdst story baki sb bkwas hai

    • sagar

      s u r rite..

  • Fakheer

    900 caror do u oky salman is 2 gud vry nice boy salman khan is prfct loking so hart us film ko jan daldy salman ne w0w mjhe tu us film se kafi kch sekh ne ko mila w0h yh k insaniyat abhi mari nhi zinda hai story likh ne waly k sath pora insaf kiya gya hai aam aadmi k0 itna kmzor kuon smjha jta hai i like it slman mry dil se dua hai k yh film sb se best ho us sal ki aur hai bhi balke main chhahta hon k sb award usk0 mily … jb mjhe pta chala k film flop howi h mjhe buht dhokh howa k aese film k0 log0n ne psnd nhi kiya l0gon buht na insafi ki hai film banane walon se ind tu bare dil waly hai phir unhon ne bhi kitne dhukh ki bt hai so sad plz plz us film k0 superhit sab record torwa l0 insaniyat k naty thankyou

  • Biswadeep

    I m confused as people enjoyed flms like ready & bodyguard whch r quite satisfying stories thn why r they nt accepting such a gd story,jai ho is a suprb flm undoubtedly & sallu jst rocks & stp neglecting the flm guyzzz,u dnt understand it,itz ur fault,go & watch the flm again ok!!

  • Fakheer

    hm yup jai ho is nice movie total awrd jai ho 4r u

  • Fakheer

    slman is the king of world nd box office he is numbr 1 mean so every one all the best guyzz go nd film again oky

    • ibrahim

      Yes nice fillm

  • Sharad

    After all… welcome once again SALMAN in prestigious club of 100 crore.. which was started by himself back in 1996 with HAHK..

  • Ãkshây Shedbale

    Nic movie…
    With a good message…

  • Sharad

    SALMAN… really teri JAI HO.. U don’t need any community for a Hit. We are with you..

  • Sharad

    himmat hai to SRK aur aamir se bolo k ticket price km rakhe aur tb kama k dikhaye 200-300 crore aur wo bhi non-holiday pe

    • tahsin akhtar

      i agree with you

      tahsin akhtar

      • sarthik

        Salman bhai K aga srk aur a amir paani kam chat… salu is d best human being

    • moin


    • diya

      I agree with u. Love salman.

    • amit pandey

      Jab fil flop ho jaye to excuses lekar hazir hain SAllu fans. Ager hit hoti to gane gatey. Only net collection has its value. Bcz other movies has too high gross numbers like Dhoom3 504cr gross n CE 419cr gross. Soo u can undrstnd.its a repeat tym for salman lyk before 2008. Masala no acting nonscens movis has gone.

      • rahul

        bol to aise rahe ho jaise dhoom3 bahut acha movie tha?
        aise suna h dhoom wale bike me aur v feature add kar rahe h next part ke liye.Like toothbrush,scissor,comb……etc

      • Ashutosh

        usne kite nahi udaayi hoti toh Jai Ho bhi kamaati paise.

      • sadakat ali

        Dear frnd ek v chhutti nhi thi log kaise ate movie dekhne ke liye aur dhoom3 jab ayi thi to puri chhutti chal rhi thi…samjhe

      • bizpro

        Well said …thats the real fact


      I Agree…………

  • naseer ahmed

    vry gud movie sallu ne kisi record ko thorne k liye movie nai banai bal k ye ehsas dilaya k insaniat kya h

  • aslam

    Salman ki jail ho I request people to go & watch the movie it will teach u how should amm adme

  • Swati Rathi

    salman is always number one there is no comparion

  • Swati Rathi

    salman ji muje bilkul acha nhi lga jub aapne ek news channel pe bola ki aap ki wjh se km fan movie dekhne aaye. you r the best me nd my family are huge fan of u and always watching ur movie. we love u so much jai is very nice movie nd hav a good message…..

  • Amitav Dutta


  • Bismillah Faqiri

    To all haters of salman Bhai fuck your mother and sister now film crossed 100 go and fuck ma and bhain if and fuck that srgay old man for doing all these rumors

    • Vishal Ladda

      Its very good movie with good message to all of us.

  • rupi rastogi

    Its a shame that overseas biz is only now being taken into accoutn before deciding if a film is a hit or a flop. In this case Yash Chopra’s Lamhe and Mukul Anand’s Khuda Gawah were superhits

  • Bengia Takar

    People thinks about his doing..just forget what he did and appreciate his profession,he has his own personal life,its their own business, so why poke on his life..appreciate his job..This is a good movie,enjoyable, and can be watched with whole family like HAHK

  • Zeal

    Salman… love you yaar. You don’t have to be sorry for the collection. Your fans are with you. The way you worked hard in the film and gave the social message. That’s enough rewards for you. Not like Dhoom3 unrealistic stunts where Aamir riding a bike on a rope, switching from bike to boat and vice a versa. India do not have James Bond and should not try to be one. The only good thing in Dhoom3 is Chicago. That’s it. I live in Chicago and I know people in India liked it because of foreign location. But Jai Ho is hardcore common man Indian film with strong message to the community and humanity. Jai Ho will be remembered forever and live in peoples heart. Love you Salman

  • Sam

    Best salman khan movie I have ever watched. Wish people went and watched before giving fake reviews. If you have watched salman with komal nahata he has mentioned that he did not do any screening for the media( critic ) I wonder how they have a review a day before the release. I wonder how much these people were paid to write a bad review or were they taking a grudge on him as other production houses throw a lavish party with special screening for the critics.
    Just watch the movie you will know.

  • Haris Sheikh

    salman khan ki tarah tickets price kam karny ka dam kisi ma ha to wo kar k dikhae
    HE is a true and great guy

    • tahsin akhtar

      i agree with you ya himmet ki bath hai

  • manoj

    Jai ho is gud movie.I think this movie is better than Chennai express.Jai ho is already blockbuster don’t concern about box office.

    • pappan sharma

      flop nahi h bus record nahi toda hai.. shaharukh ke bandaron ………..wait kare record todane ke liye next movie ka vo supar salman ka

      • Ashutosh

        Dhoom3 Krish3 Chennai…kisika record nahi toda lekin?

  • Kanwarjit Singh

    In my opinion it better movie than Chennai Express & Dhoom 3. At least there is message for peoples and better story.

  • akshay

    Its simply aawssm moviee vd agreat thot n msg…. a mst watch 4 evry1…n haters stop ur stupidity…. n get it.n clear n loud… flop to koi kraa ni skta.. 100 crore ho gye.n ab aage dekoo hta h kya… n a humble reqst to all bros whu hv boycotd due to sm politicl reasns… dnt get draggd in stupid stuff… n dnt let ppl lik shah to misguide u… jaii ho..

  • diya

    Jai ho is very good movie with total entertainment . Love u salman sir, and we will always. Jai ho!! All people go nwatch the film. Comeon all salman fan . Lets make salman movie very big .

    • atik

      jai ho is very nice movie i like this movie
      salman sir good bless you

  • vivzZ

    Saab media walon ne poora koshish kiya JAI HO ki burian karneki leking fans log ne un log ke muh pe jabardast chata mara hai…… Love you SK…… Superb Movie….

  • Mahendra singh

    Jai ho is far better than Doom 3 And Krish3. Dhoom3 is bike movies no stories. krish3 is flying story which is only like by child. man like salman who does not need any bugerties like nude seen , 3mint. 4mint. kissing seen for his movies. his movie you can see with your full familly. and ticket prices are also in your pocket allowable. Please see this movie with your familly . Its not kind of Ramleela , Dhoom 3 kissing moivee.its about bieng humen.

    • saeeda hamidi

      well people today everywhere love obscenity and that is why a movie like JAI HO is not liked

      • Naved

        Agreed with you on this point. However saying that he has raised social issues can not hide is praises and love for “NAMO”, the massacre of the innocents.
        His situation is similar to a person who feeds poor children on street to get social attention while his own family is starving at home.
        I have never seen him raise any thing which is close to “Being Human” for a cause which benefits the Muslim community.

        • Ashutosh

          Hmmm….his kite flying has upsets his fans. True. And Salman Khan is because of his fans! He needs to think and am sure he will.

  • shzwz

    collections are less due to low ticket rates but the no of peoples went to theater are more than D3 and CE.. Jaiho is one of the best movie of Salman Khan superb acting with a noble message..

  • Tenzin Lekdup

    salman bhai aap ka movie toh ek dum touching karne wale film hai bhai i love you bhai. khush raho bhai aap ko film toh meri duniya mey hamesha chaho woh dhoom3 ho ya chennai express par aap ka film puri duniya chaatee hai.salman bhai aap he humare liye topha ho.3>

  • Ashutosh

    Aamir toh ekdum bekaar aadmi nikla…700/800 ticket rakha and movie paise kamayi. Salman aur Shahrukh do hi Khan hai jo box office k jaan hai. Ghoom3 jaisi bekaar movie se 5 time behtar hai Jai Ho!

    • saeeda hamidi

      believe me if Katrina kaif would have not been in D3 it would be just an average film people today have lost the taste of their mouths

  • Azam

    Lanat hai salman ke fan par jo jaiho ka first day collection 17 crore raha

    • Ashutosh

      Fans let him down. He tried something different and fans ne dekhne hi nahi gaye. Yeh movie should have worked big for Sallu cause he tried different. but sadly fans ne let down kiya Bhaijaan ko.

  • mahin ahmed

    well said yar you beautifully addressed good points , the film did not get much response bcuz people nowadays got used to foreign locations , yo yo honey sing music style and all that stuff cum out of the world of reel life n think of real life..
    think of msg that sallu vai gave through the movie..

  • ganeshprasad


  • Taqdeer Khan

    jai ho is osam

  • subrat kumar sethy

    jai ho is best movie but the music is lower part…..but salman is best…….watch jai ho…

  • biplob ahmmed

    The Real Tiger Salman Khan Asli Being Human.Proved.Agar apko lagte hai hum ap par koye madad kare to ap Thanku mat bolo ap 3 logo ka madad karo or us 3 logo ke or 3 (3*3=9) logoko madad karte bolo.Real Tiger ki Jai Ho.

  • Rupesh

    Kuch nahi bhai next film isse dhamekedar shuruvat hogi directly first day collection 40cr

  • Zach

    Agreee..u rock salman khan.


    Salman Khan is one of the top best actors ever. He had a lot of successfull films. And we will wait for many more DHAMAKAs.

  • arjun

    salman khan no-1 actor his film jai ho is super duper hit

  • arjun

    my favourite actor is salman khan jai ho is very nice movie