Jai Ho movie review: Watch it only for Salman Khan!

Jai Ho review

The Dabangg Khan is back on the silver screen after a year in Jai Ho. The film has its heart in the right place, but fails to make the expected impact. But all Sallu fans will have a blast!

Salman Khan’s long-awaited Jai Ho has finally hit the screens and, trust me, the moment you walk into the theatre, you’ll know this one is going to be a seeti-bajao marathon. Directed by his youngest brother Sohail Khan Jai Ho, starring Salman, newbie Daisy Shah, Tabu and Danny Denzongpa is a typical masala entertainer. But unlike SK’s earlier movies – Ready, Dabangg, Ek Tha Tiger and Dabangg 2 – this one has a social message attached, somewhat like the Sanjay Dutt starrer Munnabhai MBBS. Seeing Salman in a social crusader avatar is a bit strange, but then there is nothing that the superstar cannot pull off, hai na? But what is Khan brothers latest offering Jai Ho all about? In a nutshell, Salman plays a suspended army officer who is ever-ready to help those who need it. His only motto is: create a chain of goodness in society. Hence every time he helps somebody he tells them that instead of saying thank you, they should help three other people and ask them in turn to help three more people. Remember how in the promo Khan scribbles on a piece of paper with what looks like a family tree on it? Turns out that it’s his way of making people understand the funda of helping each other. Does he succeed in his mission? No guesses needed, wethinks! In between, there is a romance between Salman and Daisy, some naach gaana and, of course, loads of action, much of it in slow motion. But that’s not why you should watch Jai Ho. While it is all about Being Human, this is why Jai Ho is worth at least one watch….

Sallu bhai is 48, but not even once while watching him beat up the goons will you consider his age. In fact, at one point it seems as if his good friend Sunny Deol’s aatma has entered his body, especially when he roars like a tiger…errr…lion…actually it’s hard to figure out which one, but it’s hilarious each time!

We all know that this B-town Robinhood can easily pack a punch and kick up a storm just with his dumdaar dole shole. But in Jai Ho Salman is the superhero version of Rajinikanth. He fights almost 100 goons at a time and when he roars, they literally run for their lives. It’s a bit much to digest, but it is Salman, after all, the only actor in Bollywood who looks cool doing unimaginable, impossible feats.

Jai Ho features almost half of the industry’s minor players. It seems as if Salman has taken the ‘helping others’ idea way too seriously and therefore brought on board actors who have been marginalised for a while now. There is Sharad Kapoor, Mukul Dev, Vatsal Seth, Ashmit Patel, Aditya Pancholi, Pulkit Samrat, Tulip Joshi, Varun Badola, Yash Tonk and Bruna Abdullah. And as you watch, you’ll be surprised as a new actor pops up in every other frame.

Jai Ho marks the Bollywood debut of Daisy Shah and Bigg Boss 6 contestant Sana Khan. While Sana has little to do, Ms Shah is to watch out for – she is a fabulous dancer and surprisingly has a good screen presence. Her solo dance number in the beginning is indeed sizzling.

And best is saved for the last. Any Salman movie cannot be complete if the superstar doesn’t take his shirt off, right? At the very end, Sallu miyaan’s perfectly shaped torso is on display – that makes up for every loophole in the film, and there are many. Boy! It’s a visual treat to watch Khan tear off his shirt and flaunt his oh-so-hot body… that too, after a whole year of seeing him nicely buttoned up at events and on TV shows. One glimpse of a bare Sallu and the crowd starts whistling and hooting till the credits roll.

This one is about Salman Khan, all the way. So if want to laugh and be entertained this weekend, go watch Jai Ho!

Rating: 3 out of 53 Star Rating

Reviewed by Namrata Thakker

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** Average

*** Good

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***** Excellent

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  • BeingAnzalKhan

    I don’t agree to your thought…
    Age factor that you mentioned in the movie did you find anywhere that it shows Salman of 48.
    What will you say about Dhoom 3 then…
    Complete disagree that movie is on Salman Khan.. Good message has been shared..
    Public awareness and we should welcome such movies so that we would change rather then just think abut the society to get change automatically..

    Simply, its not a movie of humor..


    Don’t you get the logic???
    Don’t you understand the concept???

    Instead of putting the review publicly and making people read incorrect thoughts it should be on public vote about the movie.

    I am not a very die-heart fan of Salman, but I really like the way the tried to put a message to the society.

  • Aap Ka Chirag Jain

    Salman movies are really really bakwas . His movies have no sense . No sense , no logics , no story , no direction , no plot . Really he dont have senses , logics and thinking ability , so that he could choose a good story .

    After watching the trailer , i understood that this is going to be a MAHA BAKWAS . But even then it will generate a large sum of money .
    People watches his movies not because of sense , logic , story or acting , but because of his name .

    Indians are really fools who love to watch his bakwas movies like dabang , ek tha tiger , bodyguard , ready but never watches MAGNIFICANTLY WRITTEN , EXTRA ORDINARILY DIRECTED , SUPERBLY PLOTTED movies like MADRAS CAFE , OH MY GOD , A WEDNESDAY , PAAN SINGH TOMAR .

    Dont watch such movies . Watch movies that have story , some sense , and a good direction just like MADRAS CAFE

    i give no stars to salman movies . I am not a fool like others who Loves to watch such BAKWAS .

    • Scörpian Mannoz

      Right, you are not a fool like others…you are a gandu.

    • Raj Kumar Yadav

      Then, stick to the Crappy Train of Paglapur!! You have not even watched the movie I bet!!

    • Armaan

      Indians are Fools ??? Tu kya Angrez ki phuddi se hai bhencho

    • My nigga

      Abe oh fakir sala india mai rehkar Indians Ko fools bolt a hai jab tak aise log india mai hai tab tak toh india ke aage badhne ka koi chance hi nahi hai

  • BeingAnzalKhan

    After all Indians sarcastically comment without quantifying the project !!!!

    Shame on us…

    Such a beautiful conception and logic getting because of these ppl..

  • Akshay Singh

    jai ho sureshot 300 crores

  • Bismillah Faqiri

    Another 400cr hit with Bhai jan super se uppppppper

  • Akshay Singh

    Full paisa vasool moviee.Jai ho.

  • BeingAnzalKhan

    After all Indians sarcastically comment without quantifying the project !!!!

    Shame on us…

    Such a beautiful conception and logic getting wasted because of these ppl..

    Bhai you are good and will remain good :) Hats of too you !!!!

  • Bismillah Faqiri

    It’s a good massage and 1000000 better than chennai express so guys watch it

    • Priyansh Mishra


    • Yug Shende


  • fazalsubhan

    jai ho movie is excellent

  • Mahnoor

    I loved Jai Ho and Salman Khan was outstanding and Daisy Shah marked her debut in Bollywood really well.A new actress like Daisy marking her debut with Salman in a film is surely going to be a hit, however , Salman steals the show and tiny bit more than Daisy! I loved it and Salman Khan and cast ki Jai Ho!!!

  • Raj Kumar Yadav

    This Critic is somehow diplomatic!!

    Bur for other many critics, nowadays, they have turned into shameless people who ridicules the efforts of the other people. They write a lot of personal shits rather than reviewing the movie..

    My Experience:

    Since it is an official remake of Telugu Film “Stalin,” you all know about the story of the film more or less. So, I will talk my experience after watching the movie twice today.

    A thoroughly entertaining movie!!! Typical Salman Khan Ishtyle. But it has ingredients for both mass and class.

    High on emotions! Action scenes are more realistic than those in Bodyguard and Dabangg 2. I really enjoyed the motorcycle scene of Jai chasing down the villains. is really enjoyable Comic scenes were very good. Daisy is OK. Sana Khan should have been given more screen space. She did her best within given space. Some scenes had been seen in the trailer were not in the movie. Especially, the dialogue “Aam Aadmi Sutaa Huwa Sher Hai, Ungli Mat Kar. Cheer Paad Degaa.” I think Censor Board deleted them.

    Salman Khan, Tabu, Genelia D’Souza and the Child Artist rocked. Salman Khan lived up to our expectation from him of being a social crusader in the film. I would say, performance wise, it was the third best performance after Tere Naam and Dabangg!! Having said about my experience about the movie, I’d like to say there are always some people who try to pull down every Salman’s effort no matter how good her performs. Therefore, ignore them. If your heart says you want to watch it, then listen to it. No one else.

    Through my experience, I recommend you to watch!!!!

    My Rating: 4.5/5

  • Sudheer Yadav
    • ibbu4u

      Love u salman khan salman ki jai ho

  • Naresh Whig

    I think Bollywood hierarchy have a self destruct button. As once again in JAI HO, the film is overflowing with beautiful actors, top class photography and superb dialogue . Three helping three is a powerful and achievable message and I salute that. I also agree with Mr Salman Khan meeting various chief ministers including Kejriwal to waive entertainment tax as story line would definitely make any corrupt ministers uneasy in the present political climate . Now back to self destruct button. Story line is disjointed. weak editing leads you from one scenario to next with no connection whatsoever. Situations are created in an unnatural fashion to glorify superhero. Where 20 goondas will be sufficient, Mr Khan is given the task of bashing 100 and always comes out of it with poise and dignity. He does take a beating and bleeds in some scenes though. Music is good. But I liked only half the songs. I did shed some tears in some scenes along with Salman which brings me to his acting talents.He is fantastic, he knows he is a legend and acts like one. But for him, this movie could not stand on its feet.

  • Ramandeep Singh

    I just watched this movie. I believe if every human will become Being Humen then our country can get RID of these Greedy and Corrupt people …

  • Ralph Brown

    Jai ho is one of the best movie of salman khan , please help 3 person and they will help other 3 .Its a best message any movie can give , Its a must watch movie

  • Tahir

    Love you Salman…..Your fans are always with you…..Whether your movies perform well on the Box Office or not, they are always special for us…..Your presence alone is enough for us…..No other actor can possess the kind of charisma and dynamism which your personality has….Looking so phenomenal in the movie….

  • Priyansh Mishra

    What a movie ? This is the an other fantastic movie of Salmaan khan ..According to me , you will learn some thing different from this movie..jai ho ..

    • DJ Abbu

      This was another excellent movie by salman khan, I have seen morethen 300 movies in Cinema. But this was citi -bajao marathon movie, i never heard this much “shor gull” in multiplex ever in my life by audition.audition was crezy for salman khan, awesome movie “Jai Ho” everyone must watch this movie

      • DJ Abbu

        This is ultimate movie. I have never seen in my life i watched three times 24,25,&26.

  • Amina Lugundi

    I love Jai Ho and It also send a good message to everyone.