Jai Ho song Baaki sab first class: Is Salman Khan repeating himself?

Thu, December 19, 2013 7:02pm IST by
Jai Ho song baaki sab first class

The first song from Salman’s much awaited film is out and wethinks the makers have stuck to the tried tested formula. The song will instantly remind you of Khan’s recent hits like Dabangg, Ready and Wanted

Sung by Sajid-Wajid, Baaki sab first class is a satire on the sorry state of our nation. The lyrics are quirky but the music is nothing that we haven’t heard. In the video, you get to see Salman Khan groove in his Dabangg style which is quite entertaining as always. However, Sallu miyaan is flaunting red glares while dancing which is so-not-cool. It seems as if bhai is in a 3D mode. Watch the video and you’ll agree with us. Though music composer duo Sajid-Wajid haven’t offered anything new as far as music is concerned, Baaki sab first class may appeal to the gen next as it talks about corruption, women not being safe and all the social evils that exist in today’s time. At a time when Aam Aadmi Party is trying to bring a change in Indian politics, wethinks this fast paced satirical number will find a place in the playlist of many youngsters. However, we did expect something original after all the hype around Jai Ho but the makers have disappointed us.

All in all, Apna kaam banta, bhaad mein jaye janta is a fun song to hear. And of course, Salman’s got a new trademark step but wethinks the Dabangg one was much better. While we didn’t find the first song of Jai Ho highly impressive, you hear the song, watch the video and share your opinion.

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  • Raj Kumar Yadav

    At least don’t make h0les in the plate y0u use t0 eat. With0ut Salman Khan news, y0ur bl0gs remain dull. S0 try to spread some p0sitive vibes it deserves..

    • amit Chakraborty


    • Raf-Salman khan fan

      Again u said well rajj Salman rocks boycott miss namrata

  • amit Chakraborty

    I request whole heartedly please don’t stop to spread negativity about Salman Khan..
    Bcoz we love it…

    After all we all Salman Fan just love it…
    Pahle bhi maaf karte aye hai, aage bhi karenge!!!

    Best Of Luck.

    • Sabith

      You look at the news about Salman Khan in this website.. All of them are negative… They just want to degrade.. I doubt they may get paid for it…

  • Md Liton

    I Like

  • Pervez Shaik

    Negative Publicity also works fine Salman Khan,
    But how much extent can u go for creating misconception about Salman,
    Whatever happens we still love to see Salman Khan even u create Bad Boy Publicity,
    Moreover it will be keep our Dabangg Khan in the news :p

  • BL is Bakwas

    Fuck You Bollywoodlife

  • Nupur Nupur
  • Romance

    Great much better !!!

  • rajat

    This writer totally salman khan hater. We don’t agree with you. We love salman khan and we love this sng. It’s funny and no need to o seriouse about it idiot

  • Raj Kumar Yadav

    We are going to say Goodbye to Bollywood Life because of this shit writer!!

  • athul ashok

    love u salman…………..

  • Chacha Choudhary

    Nice song. salman is first class.

  • Chacha Choudhary

    bollywoodlife@ u r absolutely right. Salman will REPEAT box offfice tsunami on 24. Jan. 2014.

  • Nishita Bosale

    This songs so energetic yaar suno ge to nachne ka man he karga….wow awesome………..apna kam banta fad mai jaye janta…………!

  • booklet

    hmm…salman is good…but song is not catchy…

  • Phoolchand Yadav

    nice song.Bahot Maza aya.Aise hi type ke songs aur banane chahiye.jai ho.

  • Akshay Singh

    Apana kam Banatha bhad me jaye janata .OMG.nICE ONE.

  • Akshay Singh

    Very Very Very Nice Song.Aab Sare India ke Youngster Yehi Gana Gayenge.

  • Saif

    I think bollywood life writer is assole.

  • Saif

    Blife always publish negativity about Salman. I hate to read Blife news

  • Saif

    Great song and nice dance style . I live Salman Bhai

  • shzwz

    Catchy song salman moves are just perfect.. Look a those shade it will be a new trend .. Salman at his best ..

  • sunny

    some peoples are deleting salman jai ho you tube videos from you tube
    on 18th dec, teaser views were 18 lacs plus but now some has deleted that video

  • RuNing Rampage

    Salman has got nothing that makes him so great…….ALL the Negative comments about the article are written by SALMAN FANBOYS……But think about the quality and level of movie your superstar is making from last 4 – 5 years…..Wanted, Ready, Dabangg 2, Bodyguard, Ek tha tiger, Yuvraj, Main aur Mrs Khanna…..I can go on and on…..His 80`s Body is also not something else….Aamir Khan has a better body in Gajani…..I also love him,but i am not an “I CAN DIE FOR HIM” Fan……This article is a Critic point of view, not a SALMAN HATER review….Every movie is getting copied by your superstar……..IF he is so amazing, WHY can not he make an original movie…..????? Because he can not……..

    • Tausif Ahmed

      Though i am not a Sallu fan.. your post promted me to ask this..
      Have you heard of a movie called Dabangg?? Please let me know the name of original movie from which it is copied.. I am curious!!

      • RuNing Rampage

        I do not know if it was a copy or not………BUT be honest bro, it was not a story out of the ordinary….i will admit that it was dam entertaining except for the IDEA of “how to tear sallu`s shirt”…..

  • Raf-Salman khan fan

    All Salman fan boycott misss namrata article

  • http://Handsome.com kG

    What? Salmon repeating himself? Like Dabaang 1 and 2 or the other cinematic masterpieces like Bodgaurd and ….I can’t remember! How dare u?

  • SalluFAN

    If the writer is not impress…dn its her personal opinion n keep that upto u only. Millions of fan of salman,liked it…..we love salmans unique style….JAI HO

  • Sarifa

    a couple yrs back i requested that bollywood life employ professionals and not the AH reporters especially the one who wrote this article she never has anything positive to say about anything or everything never seen such dumb ass articles if one hates someone as she obviously not only hates Salman but oozes of jealously of him and his success for everyone hater of Salman they are fifty more who love him I wonder if this writer ever helped anyone in their life guess not learn to live a life with love, mercy, compassion and forgiveness and you will avoid ulcers etc Salman no matter who hates you your million fans love you and most of all GOD LOVES YOU

  • Moshin KHAN mkd

    nice song baaki sab first calasss he jakaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas

  • nimra khan

    superb song.i love you salman ji