Jai Ho teaser: Salman Khan flaunts his lucky charm

The teaser of Salman’s much awaited film is out

Salman Khan seems to be building up the excitement level amongst his fans. First the Dabangg Khan launched the poster of Jai Ho, then we recently saw the digital poster and now he presents us the teaser trailer of his upcoming action drama.

The 11 second video has just two shots. First one begins with Salman swirling his iconic bracelet which he considers as his lucky charm is enough to have his fans gasping for more. The other is a low angle shot showing the macho dude walks out of a house. It goes without saying that these visuals are enough to have his legion of fans asking for more.

Anyway, the theatrical trailer of Jai Ho will be launched today, until then you can watch the teaser of the film here and tell us your thoughts about it.