Jai Ho trailer: Salman Khan is back in his Dabangg avatar!

Jai Ho Trailer: Salman Khan is back in his Dabangg avatar!

The much-awaited trailer of Jai Ho is out and it looks like a typical Salman Khan entertainer. But we are slightly disappointed as we expected a bit more from the superstar considering all the hype around his flick

Jai Ho directed by Sohail Khan stars Salman Khan, Tabu, Danny Denzongpa, Daisy Shah and Sana Khan in lead roles. The video starts off with a dialogue ‘With good action at times comes an evil reaction’ and then Danny Denzongpa enters the frame and he does make a perfect corrupt politician. Following this, you get to see Tabu.  Though the Cheeni Kum actor is in the trailer for few seconds, her strong screen presence will catch your attention. Finally, Sallu miyaan makes a grand entry flaunting his lucky blue bracelet. What follows is nothing new. Angry Salman hitting the goons and the maar-dhaad continues for a few seconds. And all this while you’ll hear ‘Jai Ho’ in the background which we suppose is to invoke patriotic feelings among the fans. Whether it does or not, you watch the video and tell us.

While watching the video you’ll get a vibe of south Indian film but its natural as Jai Ho is a remake of south film Stalin. All in all, the trailer isn’t so fantabulous that it will make you go wow. While we hope the makers have something really good in store for us, Bollywoodlifers, you watch the video and share your thoughts.

PS: ‘Aam aadmi sota hua sher hai, ungli mat karna, jag gaya toh cheer faad dega’ is going to be rage amongst Sallu fans.
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  • booklet

    trailer acha hai…par heroin kaha hai…

    • Dilshad Khan

      Tu h heroin to

      • booklet

        dum hai boss….i luv you…

  • Nupur Nupur

    This Movie trailer relesed


    • jun gogoi

      Awsome trailer…salman is back with a bang…

  • Samir Kotecha

    Star cast look cool ..Salman the action guy ..Tabu & Danny are superb actors !

  • sharin wajid

    hmmmm k k

  • sayed nasir

    I like this trailer also salman

  • nino x

    Same ghisa pita masala crap. Wonder when people are going to get tired of this shit?

  • Raj Kumar Yadav

    This not a trailer, but a teaser. A sure shot all time BB.

    I am tired of replying to LungiWalas. Looks like they come here (i.e.
    Articles and Videos concerning Salman) keeping only one agenda on
    their mind: to spread deliberate negativity against Salman as much as
    possible. They are clearly lack of rationale and logical thinking.
    They call Salman films to be mindless, sadak chaap or others as if
    their LungiWala’s films are not. If Salman’s films are that bad, why
    did LungiWala watch Dabangg2 at his home immediately after its
    release? To get some ideas on how to make masala movies??

    for example, CE= Cocktail of UNOFFICIAL copies of a dozen of
    south-films like Okkadu, Alex Pandian, Mungaru Male etc+ SRK’s Old
    movies. What is so good and new in CE? If I have to say, in one way,
    SRK’s career is full of movies with unofficial copies of
    Hollywood-Bollywood movies. Read Here:
    talkingmoviez.com/unofficial-remakes-of-shahrukh-khan/ It looks like
    LungiWalas are seriously suffering from selective amnesia and
    ego-centric diseases. If they don’t like Salman, they should not not
    waste their precious time here and go and do some serious Lungi
    Dance. Remember, JUST Lungi Dance…

    is better to remake a film for Hindi audience if it (the original
    movie) is good and noble in content because they have not watched it.
    In the south, if a Telugu movie becomes hit, it is remade in Tamil,
    Kannada, Malayalam and vice versa. What’s so wrong in doing so in
    hindi? South also remakes Hindi language films. For example, Dabangg
    was remade in two languages in the South. Dabangg 2 is also being

    has one more remake film under production and that is KICK. After
    that one, he is doing no more remakes. He has Sooraj Barjatya’s film,
    No Entry 2 etc.

    makers of Jai Ho has long announced that it is a remake of Stalin.
    Some nuts are now blabbering it is a Remake, Come Up with something
    new, blah blah blah……. As if we don’t know it. My question is
    “why do they bother to come here and waste their time despite
    knowing that it is a remake?” It is a remake of Chiranjeevi’s
    Stalin (inspired by PAY IT FORWARD which in turn had been inspired by
    1954 MAGNIFICENT OBSESSION). Yet, it is good to spread such a noble
    idea of HELPING PEOPLE IN CHAIN. It is looks like LungiWalas are
    dissatisfied with that noble idea. How disgusting???

    is to remind all LungiWalas lest they should forget that reviews and
    spreading negativity through online media will hardly affect his
    films’ collections because his fans are die-hard and most of them are
    common people on the ground. Besides, one-third of Internet-using
    people are his fans. They don’t give damn shit about what is being
    written against him or his movies. They go to the theatre to catch a
    glimpse of their favorite hero no matter what.

    I understand your insecurity level is running high. So, do whatever
    you want, man. I won’t be shocked to see LungiWalas shitting in their
    Lungis when Jai Ho releases..

  • Tahir

    Well written Raj Kumar Yadav….We Salman fans don’t care about these Lungiwalas…..Only making a remake doesn’t guarantee the success of the movie….Why don’t other actors try their luck in this field….If Salman got success, why do they get jealous….Even making a remake demands great quality from the makers because the storyline is already known to the audience and you need to do extra hard work to capture the interest of the audience….In the above trailer. look at the difference the presence of Salman makes…..His entry evokes inspiration and awe….I don’t understand why these Lungiwalas repeat the mantra of South remakes and blah blah blah…..If they don’t like remakes: what are they doing here_____ a post meant for the trailer release of a south remake starring Salman….I think it is their curiosity about the movie which compels them to visit this post…..You can hate Salman: You can love Salman: But——You can never ignore Salman…..He is a real star….And these people will be the first ones to go watch the movie when it gets released on 24th of January…..Such is the excitement created by Salman’s movies…..Salman has enough fan following to make his movies a hit….We don’t need these lungiwalas…

  • sandesh

    nice but heroine?

  • Yash Khan

    lungiwala afraid hahaha

  • Farhan shaikh

    salman khan very nice looks And super star

  • Akshay Singh

    Salman Khan the Real tIGER OF bOLLYWOOD.jAI HO.[Super,Duper & Bumper Hit of 2014 ]

  • Karan

    LOL! Is this a bhojpuri film starring Sunny Paji? Pure 3rd class as expected. So what, his fans are used to it.

  • Saif

    Shut up bollywoodlife

  • Saif

    We live the trailer and we always live Salman

  • Saif

    I mean we love Salman

  • shaybi

    Bhai log isse accha DESH DROHI dekhlo KRK ki……..

  • shaybi

    sab bhaiyeh jahil bhagenge lallu ki movie dekhne hahhahahaahahahahaha bhaijaan ki gand laal karne brecelet pehen k hahahhaha

  • shaybi

    most funny part iss movie k dialogue lol swear bhot hansi ati hain,,,,,,hum ko lagat hain hum koi bhojpuri movie dekhat ho………….

  • shaybi

    bhot budha aur mota lag raha hain,,,salman lallu plzzzz quit kar de………

  • shaybi

    yeh chutiya picture nai apni mazzak banata hain khikhikhi

  • shaybi

    iske trailer kisi criminal ko dikhao wo gunah kabul kar lenga………..