Janmashtami Special: Siddharth Shukla, Rithvik Dhanjani and Vipul Gupta share childhood memories

Dahi handi is a special occasion to celebrate the birthday of Lord Krishna. Tellyland celebs who are ardent Krishna devotees, remember their celebrations and climbing the human pyramid in their childhood

Television hunks Siddharth Shukla, Pavitra Rishta actor Rithvik Dhanjani and Vipul Gupta tell us about their plans for Janmashtami.

What are your plans for Janmashtami this year?

Siddharth Shuka (SS): I have no plans as such. Plus there’s a lot going on Balika Vadhu so am not sure if we are doing anything on the show yet either.

Rithvik Dhajani (RD): My plans are only to work, work and only work. I won’t be able to celebrate Janmashtami this year.

Vipul Gupta (VG): It’s very difficult for us (TV actors) to plan anything too big on occasions like this. So I’ll follow my daily schedule and after pack up we barely get time to do anything. But we may go to friend’s place to celebrate the birth of Krishna.


What is your fondest memory of Janmashtami?

SS: As a kid I have climbed the human pyramid, but not really at the top. But now I can’t climb on anyone because of my size.

RD: I remember fasting on Janmashtami. We had special celebrations for this day. The only thing we were allowed to eat was fruits and I’d stuff myself with a lot of bananas. Then in the night, I’d go to Krishna temple for puja with my family.

VG: I celebrated Janmashtami as a kid in Delhi. I was very fascinated with this fest as a kid. My friends and I would go around collecting money from the people in our society for the fest. With it we’d make arrangements for the tent, Krishna’s decorations and the swing. We would get into a preparatory mode 10-15 days in advance. Those were fun days.


What’s the most interesting thing you’ve found in the dahi handi?

SS: We’ve always found only butter in it. However in school when we celebrated Govinda, we’ve found chocolates in it too. It used to be a lot of fun.

RD: I have never really climbed to break the matki as a kid. The only time I have done it is in shoots and the only thing we’ve got is makkhan.

VG: The makkhan itself is so tasty that we always only focused on that. After all, white makkhan is the best and that’s why Krishna loved it right.


What’s your favourite dahi handi song?

SS: My favourite song is Govinda aala re aala from Bluffmaster sung by Mohd Rafi

RD: I can’t seem to remember any song at the moment. But this is what I remember singing during this fest – Govind bolo hari gopal Bolo.

VG: Every year there’s a new song played for this fest, but I like Shor mach gaya shor from Badla.

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