Javed Akhtar, Anurag Kashyap, Mahesh Bhatt are not Anna Hazare supporters!

Javed Akhtar, Anurag Kashyap, Mahesh Bhatt are not Anna Hazare supporters!

B-town is divided on the Anna issue – and not everyone is on his side, though they do support an anti-corruption movement

Anna Hazare’s fast has led to some tamasha in Bollywood – many celebs have started siding with the protestor without even knowing what the Lokpal Bill is actually about. A few publicity-seeking folk took to the streets and joined the peace rallies; one or two, like music director Vishal Dadlani, knew what was going on and supported it. As the initial excitement settled, some people decided to sit down and understand the issue, read the bill and figure out what it would mean if it was implemented. One of the first to come out heavily against Anna was writer Javed Akhtar. He posted a message on Twitter saying, “All of us are against corruption but some agree with Anna’s modus operandi some don’t. Both have right to their opinion.” The writer was criticised heavily for saying this, but he stood by his belief. Another B-towner in the anti-Anna brigade is filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt. He tweeted, “Life is not a movie. Team Anna is ‘selling’ u a happy ending, a mirage. The Jan lok pal bill is a false oasis.” Actor Shabana Azmi put it in a way that made more sense – “Anna has done yeoman service to the nation on bringing d evil of corruption to the table. Now we urge him to let democratic process prevail.” Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap said, “Anti corruption does not mean pro Anna, Pro democracy does not mean anti Anna, with the bill does not mean with the either by govt or anna.” Actor-director Rajat Kapoor summed it up best with, “Its funny when people who are fighting for their voices to be heard, would not let you speak if you dont agree with them.. How bizarre!” Also, we heard that Prakash Jha is making a film called Satyagraha based on the recent developments. While we are still trying to figure out our stand on this issue, we would be really grateful if the protestors stop adding to the city’s traffic woes, we already have too much of that! And B-town will not be divided on that one!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Swaran

    For those who read Bollywood news and those who really care about what Bollywood thinks about Anna:

    Take time to read the main highlights of Jan Lok Pal bill, you can do a google search. It wouldnt take more than 2 mins.. And then you would understand about the intentions of people like Mahesh Bhatt.

    But once you do.. Make sure you do not see their movies…. Just boycott them.

    • siva

      “probably these idiots might have black money and they are getting profit from govt”. i think

  • Kunal Raval

    Javed Akhtar is a puppet of Congress! I am sure he will be getting invitations to attend Iftar parties from PM or Sonia Gandhi. If you don’t have anything good to say then just shut up. I don’t recall him tweeting anything against Raja or Kalmadi. Mahesh Bhatt makes movies from Saudi/Dubai money, so we should not get surprised!

  • ugmadhu

    The recent spat between Mahesh Bhatt and Javed Akhtar on the twitter regarding the copyright issue shows how indecent and violent in their approaches in resolving the issues.

    When Mahesh Bhatt took the issue of Sanjay Dutt to the streets by conducting dharnas and morchas, he was doing the same Anna was doing by reporting some injustice to the notice of insensitive government.

    While Javed Akhtar is Congress party’s unofficial Member of Parliament, Mahesh Bhatt is an unofficial spokesperson for Congress Party. Yet they claim that they are free thinkers and neutral members.

  • gaurish

    what ihe contribution of mr. mahesh bhatt except making sleazy movies and making a money out of selling them(of late!!) while people like javed and anurag are just trying to get their share of limelight these are people whos contribution in nation building is s big zero they are only interested in raking up controversies and unknown propoganda theories, hope these people understand that they will not be able to fool us by discussing these topics in the comforts of their airconditioned rooms and making a mockery out of the efforts of Mr. Anna Hazare who has shown our nation a new direction by atleast trying to make a change, he may or may not succeed but these people have no right to critisize him. Anna is an icon for our youth and he must try to learn and inculcate some of his virtues and ascetic like nature, who is only concerned about nationalist issues and does so without least concern for himself and his health.

  • Ahuja

    Dear Mahesh Bhatt,

    You’re the shameless creature lives in this great nation.

    you’d rather introspect.

    Have you paid royalty to the Hollywood producers for copying their movies..your movie Zeher –carbon copy of Out of Time(Hollywood movie)..You’d not be using other’s intellectual property.

    What happened to Rahul’s connection with David Hadely case?

    May be based on your performance,favoring Congress..he will get clean chit( if not already got it).

    Get well soon.

  • Rajesh Mishra

    I am shocked by the remarks of Mr Javed Akhtar and Mr Mahesh Bhatt. They belong to a big group of hypcrite intellectuals who are vocal only on communal issues. It probably gives them a false sense of superirity to others.The speciality of this group is that it is skeptical about everything that is positive. Thus,instead of joining the people’s movement against corruption led by Anna Hazare, they chose to speak against the movement.
    Shame on you all!