Javed Akhtar, Anurag Kashyap, Mahesh Bhatt are not Anna Hazare supporters!

B-town is divided on the Anna issue – and not everyone is on his side, though they do support an anti-corruption movement

Anna Hazare’s fast has led to some tamasha in Bollywood – many celebs have started siding with the protestor without even knowing what the Lokpal Bill is actually about. A few publicity-seeking folk took to the streets and joined the peace rallies; one or two, like music director Vishal Dadlani, knew what was going on and supported it. As the initial excitement settled, some people decided to sit down and understand the issue, read the bill and figure out what it would mean if it was implemented. One of the first to come out heavily against Anna was writer Javed Akhtar. He posted a message on Twitter saying, “All of us are against corruption but some agree with Anna’s modus operandi some don’t. Both have right to their opinion.” The writer was criticised heavily for saying this, but he stood by his belief. Another B-towner in the anti-Anna brigade is filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt. He tweeted, “Life is not a movie. Team Anna is ‘selling’ u a happy ending, a mirage. The Jan lok pal bill is a false oasis.” Actor Shabana Azmi put it in a way that made more sense – “Anna has done yeoman service to the nation on bringing d evil of corruption to the table. Now we urge him to let democratic process prevail.” Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap said, “Anti corruption does not mean pro Anna, Pro democracy does not mean anti Anna, with the bill does not mean with the either by govt or anna.” Actor-director Rajat Kapoor summed it up best with, “Its funny when people who are fighting for their voices to be heard, would not let you speak if you dont agree with them.. How bizarre!” Also, we heard that Prakash Jha is making a film called Satyagraha based on the recent developments. While we are still trying to figure out our stand on this issue, we would be really grateful if the protestors stop adding to the city’s traffic woes, we already have too much of that! And B-town will not be divided on that one!