Javed Akhtar expresses dislike for Dhanush’s ‘Why this kolaveri di’ song

Javed Akhtar expresses dislike for Dhanush’s ‘Why this kolaveri di’ song

Unlike the Bachchans and the rest of B-towners, Don 2 lyricist, Javed Akhtar rubbishes the popular song

The Why this kolaveri di song from actor Dhanush’s Tamil film 3 has become one of the most popular songs on the internet. The song’s popularity can be gauged by the fact that every other day a new version of the same song is being uploaded and shared by its fans. One of the first in Bollywood to appreciate the song was superstar Amitabh Bachchan and once he had approved of it, the rest simply followed suit. But the song which has now crossed 13 million hits on Youtube hasn’t gone down well with lyricist Javed Akhtar who didn’t mince words expressing his disregard for the song. He posted a message on Twitter, “Kolaveri-D. Every one is praising the robes but the emperor is naked. Tune ordinary, singing substandard, words an insult to sensibility.” The fans of the ‘Kolaveri’ song didn’t take kindly to Akhtar’s feedback on the song. In response to Akhtar, one of them tweeted, “Plz… I liked “Kolavari Di” n song is a new youth anthem… n “Meri Laundry Ka Ek Bill” remember ?? nana na na na?? In defense, the poet tweeted, “What kind of logic is this even if all my songs are trash, meaningless, unbearable how does that make this Kolaveri D good?” Wethinks Javed saab is simply overreacting. The song was made for a lark and has been liked by people who apparently are not highly inclined towards life-changing literary work.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Rahul

    To this I would say that your grown up Mr Akhtar and everyone has a different point of view about anything. If you didn’t like it there is only one thing you can do , don’t worry about it.
    I personally didn’t like it at the first place and then I started liking it. Tune is addicting.

    have a great day :)

    • woadud

      i am from bangladesh. Natural songs kalabery di docking here.
      it is Javed Akhtar’s personal ignore that peoples choice is the best choice

  • sreea

    well, i love the song, but I do believe that javed akhtar is also entitled to have his own opinions. I do not wish to comment on his take at the words being insult to sensibility, but the tune Is ordinary and the singing itself belongs to the bathroom singers. c’mon guys chill yaar! it’s what the song represents!:)so stop raving over somebody’s comments and keep enjoying the songs!

  • Kayaa

    How can you not like the song!

  • Kulla

    Javed is a old fox and wants islam songs ?

    Rubbish fellow

    nearly 40 Lakh have seen the video from SONY Youtube and nearly 10 lakh from other youtube users..

    Javed kindly learn how to behave in a youth society…

  • kulla

    There is a Gujarathi version of this song ..


  • Mastre Sir

    They say you cannot argue with success. A song that has touched the hearts of millions cannot be bad, even though it may not follow some old ideas of good music.

  • javed

    kyun bhai… yeh to teri kisi bhi gana se popular hai…isiliye gand jal rahi hey na….

    haan chup ho ja bacchu….

  • Gachcy

    The real beauty is in being NAKED. Thanks Javed Akhtar!

  • BiharifanofKolaveri

    Jealousy is not good for health, old man!

  • Parag

    It is always difficult see someone else getting hotter. It’s just natural. How Javed Mian can be exceptional ?

  • Krishnan

    Javed is sensible.
    How can Kolaveri-Di be released before Kolaveri-Ai, Kolaveri-Bi, Kolaveri-Ci ?

  • preethi

    Javed akhtar is too opinionated for his own good….who is listening to you anyways….I LOVE THIS SONG VERY MUCH.

  • Jo

    I’ve got all the respects for Javed as a lyricist, but then he is a human being – unable to accept somebody else’s success.
    He spends days squeezing his brain to write lyrics for a song, and then hopes people like it. There comes someone writes some silly thing which makes half sense to the youngsters, and then it becomes an instant hit!!!!
    Javed saab wake up…You write what people think ‘should’ like, but kolavari-di is all about what people actually like.

  • Desi Phantom

    ya kolaveri is a rubbish song !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mary

    “Singing is substandard”????Look who is talking….He sounds 100 times better than your loving son Farhan Akhtar. Kolaveri is unconventional and original hence the success.

  • johnveedhar

    I just love this team’s effort.welldone Dhanush/Anirudh.
    We have been living in imaginary world of all those written songs-always superlative of any situation and any person-I would say superlative lies, superlative comaparisons here comes one from an ordinary human being the so called elite can’t accept-joke-however everyone has a right for their own opinion-we must welcome these kind of attempt and effort.
    well done team

  • Siraj

    I am with Javed saab,
    I don’t know why people like it. Its kind of hysteria that runs some times in people. Same goes, when suddenly one day people started liking Sharrukh khan — At that time also, I didn’t know why they like him what’s so specially about him. I think people are like those ship, where one wise sheep goes everybody just follow blindly. Once in a train accident in Australia about 70 sheeps killed — why? because when one sheep went on the railway track others followed the suite blindly.

  • Sushil Gupta

    You are correct Javed Sahab.

  • jack

    kolavari song is rubbish … Its hit coz of Rajni effect ..

  • real music lover


  • Kevin L

    Javed Akhtar is a LULU..
    kolavari di is awsomeeeeee

    • vj

      the song is so simple ,weather the song is good or bad is not at all issue now a days …
      the only thing is entertainment …we are addicted to this song nw……

      Take it lite man…. dont take everything as serious


  • sreeram

    it is his personal opinion, generation gap. democracy majority wins. if a million people are happy listening to the song let them be. why crib about the content as far as there are no imoral words in the lyrics.

  • Vijay Nyalpelli

    Comon, Mr, Javed Akhtar, 15 million hits cannot be wrong, just cause you disliked it. You still have to confess there is something about this song which crossed all language boundaries. It only means you are not accepting the success of this song :)

  • sankar

    Comments by Mr Javed Akthar is a bad spirit .When so many people liked it should be atleast appreciated.
    what abt “My name is Shela…..”People liked it so it became a hit .Come on Mr Javed Akthar be little more sportive and mature for your stature

  • Anand

    I don’t like the song myself and,just as I, Javed A is entitled to his opinion. Anyway, one man’s food is another man’s poison so it’s not necessary that everybody likes or dislikes the same thing.

  • Prashant

    Oh common Mr. Javed!! are u feeling isolated..
    So much likes are just the testimony to the sucess of South Indian’s.

    Me too like the song very much, atleast relieved from conventional Bollywood song these days!!

    • vijay

      Mr javed if Munni win all awards than why not kolavari D.As per your view Munni is a good song?what about “Chal Ganpat”,”Sheela Ki Jawani”"Dhinka chika of ready.Than why not kolabari D.

  • Partha

    Dhanush hats off for the Kolaveri song. Let Javedji bark.. in the same fashion that is depicted in his old song lyrics ‘Kuch to log kahenge logon ka kaam kai kahena”. Here the log is Javed Akhtar. Actually I am sure he is jealous of the coverage received for this song.

  • Razor

    Hey man! Do you knw a single word about music? Atleast tell me do you the spelling of music. That song doesnt makes any sense. And i dont knw wats wrong with you people! Just becoz rajnikants daughter is producing that movie u al started liking it? The song dont hav any meaning, the music beats r nt gud,vocal chords are irritating… Nd by d way ders nthng lik south or north india.. Plz atleast stop racism

  • Reddy

    Comon Old man ,

    Let others alsp become famous . you want only your family successful hun????

    that is not fair ..

  • sangeetha

    danush is a simpel and stylish actor so dont put him down encrage the youth when they sucess in life