Jaya Bachchan wants to re-enter Rajya Sabha

The actor has already filed her nomination papers as a Samajwadi Party candidate

Jaya Bachchan has ended her two-year break from politics. She has officially filed her nomination for one of the seat in the Rajya Sabha and even declared a net worth of Rs 91.65 crore. She will be contesting as a candidate of the Samajwadi Party. Of the 10 seats that are up for election, the SP has been allotted six. The party, in turn, requested Jaya to file her papers for one seat. While doing so, Jaya declared that she owns the Bachchans’ family home Jalsa and two flats in Bhopal. Husband Amitabh however has a net worth of Rs 402.21 crore including property in Mumbai, Gurgaon and France. Political observers say that Jaya is most likely to be elected unopposed.

Jaya had been an RS member earlier too and her term came to an end in February 2010. She chose not to be re-nominated when her close friend Amar Singh and Mulayam Singh Yadav- both belonging to SP – had a fight.

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