Jee Le Zara: Will Saanchi sacrifice Dhruv’s love?

Yashwardhan tests the love between his son and his lady. And she passes. But there is more trouble ahead…

It is the classic scenario seen in so many movies. Dhruv and Saanchi are in love. But Dhruv’s father, Yashwardhan, is a rich man and needs to be sure that the girl who becomes involved with his son is genuine, not after him for his money. So he tests Saanchi. He meets with her and offers her a huge amount of money – Rs 20 crore – to leave his son. That is money that Saanchi can use for her strawberry farm and her life, so it should be tempting. But being the woman that she is, she refuses. And is pushed to tears. When Dhruv angrily demands to know why his father was being nasty, he explains. And all is well.

But is it? There will always be a move that someone makes to change the natural course of true love, hai na? Following that rule, Dhruv’s mother has a chat with Saanchi. What happens next is unbelievable and heart-shattering for Dhruv. Find out more….