Jennifer Lopez’s manager lashes out at Shahrukh Khan!

Jennifer Lopez’s manager lashes out at Shahrukh Khan!

JLo’s manager accuses SRK’s team of spreading negative stories about the pop singer in the media

Jennifer Lopez will not perform at the opening ceremony of the Indian Premier League 6 (IPL 6). Shahrukh Khan, who was hoping against hope to rope in the popular singer for the grand opening ceremony of the cricketing extravaganza, must be really upset with this news. It was reported that neither SRK’s team not the IPL officials were ready to fulfill the pop singer’s demand which apparently comprised a private jet, a chef, a butler, a stylist, an exquisite stay in a five star hotel for her and her entourage of 20 dancers.

It is stated that neither Shahrukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment, nor Kolkata Knight Riders were willing to give in to JLo’s over-the-top demands. The singer is now angry that these reports, which were supposed to be highly confidential, have been leaked to the media. SRK’s Red Chillies were handling all the arrangements for JLo’s arrival in India. The singer’s manager, Benny Medina has accused SRK and Red Chillies of planting the negative stories. He claims that the singer’s schedule is so tight that she won’t be able to make it to the event in Kolkata and is busy working on an album for which she needs to be in the United States. Red Chillies, on the other hand, is blaming KKR for leaking the news about Lopez’s demands. We also hear that finally rapper Pitbull has been roped in instead of JLo to perform live at the IPL 6 ceremony.


Looks like Shahrukh Khan has started this IPL too on a controversial note. Tell us what do you think BollywoodLifers?


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  • april

    sorry indian media, i dont believe on you anymore… we r fool if we still believe om indian media…. worsest thing i knew in my life

  • Balance

    I read the news in my country. You people are big liers!! Be professional. As of IPL 6 and SRK just wish them good luck!! At least he is one of your brother. Don’t wish bad to anyone. Be posetive!! Aren’t you tired of bashing him??

  • nilesh

    u loosers…u already tried to give negative publicity to chennai express bt nothing happen. u media peoples can sell ur mother for publicity and money leave srk alone and..go to hell

  • Joe

    First JLo told the same story when she was fired from American Idol due to poor TV ratings, that she was to busy to continue with American Idol because she was so busy making albums and movies, well it be almost a year now and we haven’t seen any new albums or movies since she left American Idol she hasn’t done nothing but hang out at a music studio look for someone to write her music, and second Jlo has no contracts with any music label companies to make any new album not after her 2 albums that were complete flops due to poor sales, one of the albums was votes the album flop of the year by Billboard, the same with her movie career, her lasted movie Parker was a complete flop also, so Jlo can only blame herself for her selfish diva demands?

  • John

    Maybe Jlo manager should start worrying about Jlo problems with her ex limo driver which she accuse of extorting her and lost in court last year in some illegal activities Jlo and her manager Media he witness while being employed as a driver at the time of the event, which he has information for the DA’s office that could Jlo and her manager Media is some big trouble?

  • Zaara

    they do not sell bait and the JLO is an old and terrible untalented actress

  • suppercool

    Jennifer manager should never talk to tha king like that he should be fired first of all Jenny hireds frauds they money hungry people Jenny Said that she love her fans!!!yeah rite she shouldn’t put down a great opportunity she had cause she to lame with her boy toy fraud that she loves sharukhan you should have shakira with bitbull that will be tha hit!!!king your show was a hit I love Kat/ deepika 2 this come from a latina in Nj luv u guys!!! Tha king was awsome:)