Jeremy Piven abused Hrithik Roshan when he tried to help?

Hrithik Roshan

The Agneepath actor and the Entourage actor were at the Heathrow airport at the same time when this incident happened

Hrithik Roshan’s friends often tease him with nicknames as Sri Sri Hrithik, Dalai Lama, etc, because he is known to be extra humble and always talks about loving, healing, forgiving and being nice to people. But he also walks the talk. He recently exhibited his gracious side, when he went out of his way to help Jeremy Piven, better known as Entourage’s Ari Gold (who plays the title role in new the series Mr Selfridge) at Heathrow Airport.

Says an eye-witness, “Jeremy misplaced his passport at London airport and was kicking up a fuss. Hrithik, who saw this, stepped in to help sort the situation. The staff at British Airways didn’t know who the LA-based TV actor was and were getting annoyed with his tantrum.” Confirms a source close to the actor, “Jeremy was getting more and more agitated, and what irked him further was that he wasn’t getting star treatment. When Hrithik stepped in to help, Jeremy assumed he was a fan trying to get his attention and got rude with him saying, ‘Not now man. Leave me alone’.”

Although it was clear that Hrithik, who was surrounded by Indian fans seeking autographs and photographs, was a celebrity, the Hollywood actor seemed not to notice that. Hrithik, again tried to help and this time Jeremy yelled at him and asked him to ‘f**k off’. The Indian superstar still kept his cool and managed to find a solution to the problem, requesting one of the staff members attending to him to help Piven.

The source adds, “Hrithik has always believed in setting an example by being gracious and respectful towards his fans and those around him. While he does understand that actors do have rough days, he believes that public figures should conduct themselves with dignity as they are considered to be role models by teenagers and even older fans. He has consistently maintained a pleasant and kind demeanour and hopes to set an example for other actors.”

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  • Stew Green

    Hritik should have minded his own business. Its the jobof airport staff to sort it out. Roshan thinks because he is known in india and gets special treatment here, it works in london too.
    In the west thereare rules and regulations that apply to everybody, not like India where evergone gets on their cell phones in a situTion calling their so called connections.

    • amit

      In same way you mind your own business.

      • Stew Green

        I am minding my business idiot. I wasnt the one jumping in the middle of a fight at the airport.
        Are you roshans piece of turd getting all upset your idol was made to look like a bitch by Jeremy Piven?

    • GM

      it was just a kind gesture to help; nothing more, nothing less.

      • Stew Green

        Its not his business to help when professionals are present dealing with the situation. You need to get into your thick skull that unlike in India, overseas government employees are trained to deal with sitiations.
        Egoistical actors think because in India are made to feel like Gods, its the same in the west, well its not.

  • @sshole oscar

    this is jealous action of ugly hollywood actor(jeremy piven) motherfukker vs handsome bollywood star hrithik roshan

  • Anil Reddy

    This shows the arrogance of the TV Actor. It is surprising that some comments seem to blame Hritik for going out of his way to help jeremy, but it is clear who showed starry tantrums. When success or the lack of it gets to the head, it gets too much and people behave in that manner. Jeremy got exposed and Hritik once again proved that he is a true gentleman and a true icon. Being indifferent may be the culture of the mechanical west, but not everywhere.


    You don’t screw with Ari bro. You should have just asked him to hug it out.