JHALAK DIKHHLA JAA 5: Isha Sharvani lashes out!

JHALAK DIKHHLA JAA 5: Isha Sharvani lashes out!

The Kisna gal got defensive when questioned about her credentials to be on the show

We had asked you a question a couple of days ago: Is it fair to have Isha Sharvani on Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 5? The show is meant to pull actors, cricketers, musicians and anchors out of their comfort zone and make them dance. Isha has been dancing since she was a kid and has performed in 22 countries. Isn’t it unfair to the other contestants, we had asked. At the launch of JDJ 5 yesterday (June 7), we asked the same question to judge Remo D’Souza and to Isha herself. Read what they had to say?

Remo was his usual diplomatic self. “Yes, Isha has been dancing since she was a child, but her style of dancing is kalari or rope mallakhamb. Her body has been trained to do that. To break that down and make the body do Latin ballroom dances, well it will be as difficult for her as it is for Sanath Jayasuriya,” he said. We may not know the intricacies of dance as well as Remo but comparing Isha to Sanath is stretching it a lot, don’t you think?

Isha took a different route – she refused to answer our question. Not directly, of course. You wouldn’t want to risk that in front of several mediapersons. She went on the defensive. “Who told you that? Tell me that first. Who told you that?,” she half yelled. When asked what she would like to say to all those who call her participation unfair (including us), she turned away and let her choreographer jump in with a lot of nonsense. “Nobody learns how to dance from their mother’s womb. It’s all about hard work. You have to work hard blah blah blah…’ Honestly, we tuned out halfway through his speech. We wanted to know what Isha, who was calmly sipping tea and pointedly ignoring us had to say. We turned back to her and asked again what she has to say to her critics. Now that she had time to compose herself – thanks to her choreographer’s attempts at distraction – we expected a fantastic answer. Instead she put on a bored look and drawled, “Go watch the show.” That’s the best you could come up with Isha? Tsk tsk.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • madhu

    grt karan johar
    i m going to see diz show only 4 karan he is grt.

    • madhu

      madhu ur a girl or boy

  • Sia

    The publisher is biased and should not say we also think its unfair instead they should check public reaction

  • Salman my sunshine dancing star**

    first This is one of worst articles i hav came across.. 2nd this is not a personal website so how the publisher dare to use such nuisance words
    3rd You called remo dsouza ‘as usual diplomatic’ And her choreographr Salman..nonsense..how dare you used the word NONSENSE for him,i am his fan..do you think im gonna tolerate it well NO.
    You didnt even fully published his comment nd wrote blah blah
    4th its cv’s decision to take her as a participation,who the hell are u to write such disgustng things bout her chor.

    • ayesha ahmad

      well said SMSDS ….

  • ayesha ahmad

    i thnk rather this article is a nonsence…..jhalak dikhlaja is about about making celebrities participate in a formal dancing competition …..be it a trained one or an untrained one…..the logic is only of makin celebs participate…..and if thets so then shweta salwe in jhalak 1 was also a trained dancer….wasn’t that unfair

    • Salman my sunshine dancing star**

      wow i just noticed its wriitten by a girl…grt job done …worstest article award goes to her

  • Nazima khan

    Hey Ayesha, how r u ?? .. Hey You knw who is SALMAN ?? Noo right, !!!
    Nonsense is you baby.. I think you don’t hav commonsense only.. You hav published “What Rubbish is this?? I want you to apologize him and us!!
    Right nowww!! :@

  • Nazima khan

    *yu hav publishd utter Rubbish.. And yu knw that very wel!! Phewwww :@

  • Nazima khan

    ohh its Asha Mahadevan!
    Sorry Ayesha.. M soo freakin furious ryt nw..

  • machjp

    what a trashy article. it makes this website look even trashier if such biased and pathetic writers work for it…. the only thing “unfiar” here is the attack on the actress…really, such junky writers shd go back to media school, and learn a thing or two abt being better writers

    • bunnu

      she is gurmeet fan n jelous, scare with isha n salmaan ……coj they r best evrybody talk about them nobody notice her fev gurmeet so she is jelous

  • henna

    i was googling for madhuri articles and ran into this one. what a load of nonsense this article turned out to be
    is this the new media trend to be as defamatory as possible to get viewers? seriously its utterly disappointing to see you guys stooping to that level
    anyway, now atleast i know where not to look for news/articles

  • Hridayhegde

    yes,.isha is atrained dancer.and sure she ‘ll get 30,.but no others,.it is very unfair to take her in this competition,.she is gave so many dance shows,.and she is known for her dance,.here others are suffer,.i can’t understand why they took her in this competition,.

  • bunnu

    she must be a gurmeet fan only they have prob with isha sach a low reporter ……..read her article about ramayan witout gurmeet ……………she is a gurmeet fan no wonder she is jelous to salmaan n isha ……..a kid also prticipating in that dance show but he never said it unfair to him with compete with those mature man n women …….gurmeet fans rotey hi rhtey hai bas

  • Jhalak 5

    Your point might have been taken into consideration if ur article wasn’t so rude about the hard working professionals like remo and salman. Salman is my fav of all the contestants he’s done so well on the show, so what If his partner knows how to shake her booty that doesn’t mean she comes up with her moves and the performance most credit gos to salman coz he’s brilliant and isha because she works hard. You are just a rude, frustrated writer who really shouldn’t even have the right to post withstand that kind of attitude

    • salma

      i agree with you rubish writer

  • vishal Rarthod

    HI isha u r prforming is very cute and very good PLZ U won this seison jhALAK BEST OF LUCK FOR U R NEST PERFORMING

  • shailendra rastogi

    among all i think either isha or rithivik will be winner

  • isha

    best dancers

  • Keki

    It wasa pleasure to see this talented and hard-workiing dancer; the media has to create controversy

  • madhumita

    i think its totally unfair to bring her into the show,n she looks soooo haughty n proud..such attitude omg..wudnt waste a single paise on them.

  • Sanjana

    Wat the hell…….?????
    Wat s wrong in isha dancing….??? May be these writers r jealous of her awesome dance…….!!!!!!!
    Love u isha……
    Ur an amazing dancer…..:):):):)

  • Baruak

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