Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 5: Isha Sharvani makes place for Rashmi Desai in the grand finale!

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 5: Isha Sharvani makes place for Rashmi Desai in the grand finale!

But wait, didn’t we already know that Salman Yusuf Khan’s injured partner is out? We did, right? Even so, the finale DID have it’s surprising moments. Curious to know what they were? Here’s what…

The finale of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 5 began with Gurmeet Choudhary, Ritwik Dhanjani, Rashmi Desai Sandhu and choreographer Salman Yusuf Khan – to fill in for the absence of his injured partner Isha Sharvani – opening the show with their dance.

Then came up the announcements about who will or will not make it to the grand finale. The first contestant to make it to the last round was Ritwik, second Gurmeet and third – hold your breath – was Isha Sharvani. Oops! But doesn’t everybody already know that Isha has decided to quit the show? We do, no? So why this drama then, we couldn’t help but wonder.

And as expected, after Injured Isha’s name was called out, the lady came forward and declared that her doctor has advised her to stay away from the show. Sigh! Yeah, we totally understand you plight, babe, but we really couldn’t help going ‘yawn’ at this stale twist.  Also, now it really looked like Rashmi had found a place in the grand finale thanks (only) to her kismet. Ouch! What could Desai dearest say, she decided to keep it short by sayin, “ I would only like to show my act.”

Hmmm, so there was actually nothing new about this episode, right? Not really. We were pleasantly surprised to see Karan Johar take up the proud-daddy avatar on seeing his bacchas - Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan and Sidharth Malhotra – from Student Of The Year  pop up at the show. Awwww! Also, while Sidharth wooed the girls by taking off his shirt to flaunt his six pack abs, Alia Bhatt entertained us with her anxious performance on Bahara bahara from I Hate Luv Storeys.

What’s more, in the end the kismet-waali Rashmi Desai earned the most number of points  – 39 – to be precise, while Gurmeet and Ritwik stood at 37 points.

Does that mean Rashmi might win the Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa trophy this time around? Or will audience votes work in  favour of the effervescent Ritwik? Or will it be the expressive dancer, Gurmeet, who will emerge as a clear winner?

Tell us, readers – who do you think will win the fifth season of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa?

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  • Deepika

    it always happens in jhalak that the most deserving candidate never wins starting from its first season …. i thought that this time its most deserving jodi will win but no… it didn’t worked at all this time too… i hate jhalak for this and yes i just watched 2 things in this serial isha and salman’s dance and 2nd bharti’s comedy… and i miss both of u … i will not watch its grand finale at all this time as the most talented couple was not there….


      U r right Deepika :-( actually is all pre planned. Actually this reality shows already decide who will be the winner. Now they could very well allow ISHA to be there and contest in the grand finale but they did not do that. As they know that the audiences will definately vote for ISHA-SALMAN as they were the best dancers of Jhalak and also deserving pair. If Isha and salman were there in the final then the juery would not be able to crown their PRE DECIDED WINNER. Then the audiences would know the truth that JDJ is all faltoo….

      • sreeparna

        actually, it is up 2 the audience & 4 us ISHA & SALMAN is the real winner not in this bogus show but in reality, they dont need this jhalak trophy……..Gurmeet ko hi mubarak ho this trophy……..I hardly watch his performances…..this is not a reality show………all is just pre decided like every season……..r they making us foool……..why Isha just announces that she is quitting on the semi finale…….2 much man

  • shruti

    i loved isha &salman most as dey r most deserving candidate for the grand finale but now i m very very angry with isha as she opted out bt ofcourse she was injured again so i’ll watch the so for rashmi nd deepak

  • shrikrupa

    gurmeet will surely win JDJ 5

  • Yogesh Mehra

    Dear isha,
    Just want to let you know that we all believe and know that you are the ultimate dancer on the Jhalak and it is extremely nfortunate whatever happened…please don’t let it effect you adversely and continue with your incredible art. You and Salman truly make a great dancing pair.

    Good luck to both of you and God bless!

    • sreeparna

      u r absolutely right…..

  • hema chopra

    Utter NONSENCE serial Jhalak Dikla jaa everyone knows that if they had declared before hand about ISHA – SALMAN opting out of the shows then the shows TRP would come down and also people would stop voting. This people are playing with inocent people just for people to vote they kept ISHA there untill yesterday. And i know GURMEET will b the winner as it is already decided by the JDJ juery. Only ISHA was the one who could give him defeat as we all know that she was the best dancer and also audiences liked her dance. So they made her opt out, J.D.J management could still keep her as a contestent as we all know that she had given some of the best performances ever given by any contestens of jhalak. I AM 110% SURE THAT PEOPLE WOULD HAVE BEEN VOTED FOR HER AND SHE COULD BE THE WINNER I AM DAM SURE. SO AUDIENCES GET READY TO SEE GURMEET AS THE WINNER AS IT IS PRE DECIDED N ALL YOUR VOTES WILL GO WASTE.

  • sreeparna

    without ISHA & SALMAN jhalak is just not worked 4 me at least, Rashmi desai in Isha’s place is just horrible, I think Isha would have performed……..Isha just set the standard of jhalak…..4 me she is the winner