Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 6: Drashti Dhami takes home the trophy

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 6: Drashti Dhami takes home the trophy
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The TV star beat Shaan, Lauren Gottlieb and Sonali and Sumant to claim the title of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 6

Drashti Dhami was declared the winner of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 6 and took home Rs 50 lakh as the prize money. The dance reality show’s superfinale was held on Saturday night in the presence of judges Karan Johar and Remo D’Souza. Madhuri Dixit-Nene had to leave the shooting after the performances and rush home, as her father Shankar Dixit passed away.

Drashti beat singer Shaan, dancer Lauren Gottlieb and India’s Got Talent winners Sonali and Sumant.

Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra promoted their film Krrish 3on the Jhalak superfinale by dancing to the song Raghupati Raghav from the film. Karan too shook a leg with Remo and Lauren and managed to impress on the last day of the show.

Congratulations to Madhubala star Drashti who won maximum votes on Jhalak!


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  • dilip

    Rip jhalak dekh la jaa .that is not fair.sonali or sumant is the winner.

    • Jaki

      Lauren or shonali.
      Dashti is so rude. She does not deserve trophy. Mukti was more talented than drasti.

    • aj


  • ahan

    salman and drashti salman is the best chorographer after remo in our nation then definately salman should win i am very happy for you salman

    • mayank

      best choreographer is bivash

  • gursharan

    this is not fair. lauren is the winner

    • Surjiwan

      Lauren is winner. A person who gets maximum perfect 30 from judges, that person is not winner. Shame -shame on judges and organiser.

      • albpam

        very True, the Art has no value, all of them have become commercial,

  • gursharan

    this is not fair.lauren is the winner

  • LILY

    I am very happy with the Result of Jhalak 2013.Drashti deserved it for her sincere and superb performances with Salman. the Competition was unbalanced.Lauren was a Dancer, Sonali Just a kid.For any competition ,some rules are there,anyway the result proved.
    the judges were prejudiced.Shan made mistakes which were overlooked. the 3 best for the competition would have been, Dra,Sana and Muk. All three REALLY WORKED HARD. . one could see the unfair decisions REACTION.

    • aqsa

      ya really true dd very hard working

    • albpam

      you have no idea about the dance, Lauren was a Dancer, Sonali Just a kid.For any competition ? then how can Drashti wins, this is all commercial, no respect to real Dancers.
      Just watch there Dance performance & Judges Comments from the beginning……….

  • niloo batra

    Luv u drashti…..congratulations! Was praying n hoping that you win…..im so so happy for you

  • Jaki

    Drshti does not deserve it at all. She is so rude and arrogant
    Mukti danced way better than her.
    Lauren or shonali deserved it.

  • Jiya Biren

    Non dancingstar should b winner n it happened. Very happy for Salman,he is best choreographer JHALAK Had.Unfortunately lost Madhuri’s last perfomance n her killing smile. LOVE U MADHURI

  • Pragyamasane

    Drashti deserved to win and she did . It was not right for lauren to participate since she is a choreographer . But thnkfully the chnnel considered the votes which of course was drashti s right . Luv u dd

  • aj

    Agree with Jaki and Gursharan. Either Lauren and the kids deserved the trophy. Drashti has no humility. Salman was her only claim to fame.

  • olyee

    I think Drashti really is the deserving winner of the dance reality show, other competitors were already accomplished dancers, like Lauren & Mukti, so fate did it’s best. Host were Amazing!

  • jenifr

    i am so glad 2 knw tat der r ppl who believ tat drashti didnt deserv 2 win….d winnr shud hv bn lauren or sonali….bt sadly i beliv mor dan drashtis hardwork…its her popularity on tv tat got hr thru…dan d so calld “combind scores” …
    nyways….my best wishes 2 d othr deservin contestants….

  • jeny

    drashtis “popularity” won…not hr “hardwork”
    disappointd wt d jdj results…..absolutly disappointd :P

  • jen

    disappointd wt jhalak dikhla jaa results….dr wer othr deservin contestants who cud hv won…

  • Robin

    Luv U Lauren…………

  • arya

    Dhrashti does not deserve it .It was a FIX from the begining.The way the judges were scoring her.

    SONALI and SUMANT deserve it.

  • ankitasanghi

    Comgratulation drashti you deserved it

  • arya


  • Naz

    Laureen i is the winner.. Shes the queen of dance..drashte is only good for actingg..she was jealous of laureen

  • neha

    yayyyyyyyyy our dd won …. she takes trophy home… yipeeeeee m so happy ……. salman and dd you deserves this muah

  • deep

    drashti deserv it nd she win

  • deep

    congratulation drashti i m very u deserev it u work hard

  • mishty thakur

    Yipeeee….. draahti u did it u deserve to win u r best dont care abt jealous souls they wll bark ur fans luv u alot proud of u and keep rocking angel

    • urmi

      Hey drishti nt deserve this trophy.. Lauren n shonali was deserve the winning trophy.. just take a look from the beginning of the show. Its nt abt jealousy coz m also fan of drashti… she is good actress but nt dancer than Lauren n shonali..

  • anjali


  • Priys

    Very happy Drashti and Salman won <3
    they are the truest deserving one !

  • Anna

    Congrts…Drashti u desvr….oly lots of love:):*:*

  • a1

    What separates the winners from the losers is how a person reacts to each new twist.
    Winning is in the attitude and not a fake smile aka Drashti’s
    Taking home the trophy does not make one a winner.
    A ditto to ALL those who think that either Lauren/ Shonali Sumant/ for that matter Shaan, should have been awarded the trophy – they will always be winners in life – because of them we got to see some beautiful dancing.
    Drashti capitalized on other variables…….every time the above mentioned 3 did not get marks or less marks, they were strong enough to face the disappointments and smilingly at that – a winner’s attitude =)
    Drashti on the other hand was NEVER was seen with a positive expressions – Not happy for herself and CLEARLY unhappy if others outstood her……needs to work on her persona.
    Salman was her only saving grace……so hat’s off Salman……
    Drashti a big thumbs down………….for her attitude and arrogance amnd lack of humility considering she is only one serial old.
    Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 6 – EXTREMELY disappointing …….watching it – we only gave them their TRPs……….
    Way to go Lauren, Shonali, Sumant, Shaan.

    • albpam

      perfectly said, i like your comment, may they open there Eyes & let not think commercial.

    • B@

      Excellent Comment

  • Sangeeta

    First of all, I think it is wrong to pit children against adults. Both the children were too good. The channel can come up with a dance competition only for children. Sad the children’s talent was wasted. I hope the channel does not make this mistake again.

    Second, the final result was clearly flawed. Lauren was the winner. We cannot see the voting being done by public, hence cannot know the results. Lauren must have got more votes definately.
    Do the second and third runner up’s not get any prize? Shame.

    Third if the channel thinks amateur should win then again the channel should pit amateur’s with amateur’s and professional dancers with professional’s the way it is done on Masterchef Australia. They never pit amateur cooks against professional’s.

    Never do anything for TRP rating. The channel would have won respect from us if they had given right results. The channel should not think that the public is stupid.

    The only winner here are the mobile companies who made money from all the voting. If this is the way, then the public should stop watching this show and stop voting. This way the channel will realize their mistakes.

    The channel would have got a lot of fame and name if they had been professionals.
    Be honest when you do reality shows.

  • aqsha

    only haari baazi ko jitna jise aata hai wo sikandar hi dosto kehlata hai im happy wid d result

  • babs

    Shonali n Sumanth r the real winners- Sumanth is the strongest dancer ever- Sonali is really cute but Sumanth does the hard work- for a kid to have such balance strength and he marvels in all dance types and he was not praised enough-very unfair!

  • Nick

    Totally wrong decision,,
    Winner should be either Sonali Or Lauren..

  • Piya

    She is very hardworking n she deserve it