Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 6: Is Drashti Dhami using dirty tactics to win the show?

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 6: Is Drashti Dhami using dirty tactics to win the show?

Madhubala actor Drashti is in the limelight for all the wrong reasons

TV actor Drashti Dhami and her choreographer Salman Yusuff Khan might have managed to impress the Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 6 judges but not their fellow contestants and fans. We had earlier reported that her co-contestants are miffed as they feel Drasti is favored by judges – Madhuri Dixit, Remo D’Souza and Karan Johar as she’s a part of the Colors family (Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon).

The actor also came under the scanner when viewers felt that Drashti was using skin show to garner more votes. However, Drashti’s family stands by her and feels that fans often have a fixed image about soap actors who are saree-clad on small screen. Drashti’s sister-in-law Suhasni adds, “Sadly, sometimes fans fail to see the person behind their daily soap characters. They forget that she is not Madhubala, but Drashti Dhami. They only want to see her in her reel avatar. However, there is a change in thinking as actors are now coming in reality shows where their image is totally different from their on screen avatars”

Amidst all this controversy, we wonder if Drashti bags the Jhalak trophy then it would be a win-win situation, but would her loss also mean TRP loss for Madhubala or worse loss of her die hard fans?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • siya


    • kusum

      yes she exposing herself to get more votes and its really sad that this time Evan judgement also not transparent

      • farzana

        do u knw the meaning of expose…GOD ! so many illiterate ppl r here…Pls Spare Drashti from ur judgement !

      • Goshi Gul

        really then wat abt luran mukti n sana they hav shorter dress n luran is remo movie heroin always praise her n giv mor marks wat abt dat n if dd is thr fav then she always scor 30 bt esa nhi h so get your fact clear

    • diya

      She not need this all uuuuu verynot thinkdrasthi

  • deep

    oh plz she is a very good dancer and plus has huge fan following so she stands to win the show hands down.. all the other contestants are plain jealous go girl

    • shova

      DD is good actress, good looking, so naturally co competator are jealous spoiling her image.DD we are with you you are doing excellent dance with salman.

    • haripriya

      u are right. vote for drasti

  • Abhi

    She is an amazing dancer and she works hard!
    Drashti will win jhalak and even if she doesnt, she is not gonna lose any of her true fans!
    We love her! And she wears dresses that are required for the dance

  • kumud

    C’mon guys, grow up!!!have u all gone blind or wat..can’t u see d vulgar dance of lauren nd sana..dd deserves 2 win as she is d besttt dancer among all…a lott of freaks r jealous f her…dd u r going to win my swthrt..all d best nd ignore such ridiculous talks!!


    ” J ” ppl….kya sirf DD ne hi isse kapade phane hai…???? Sana Ka dress kisi ko nahi dekhi deta kya???????????? wo imported ka suhag raat walla dance?????????? what about all this….isse of bhi point hai..par carupt media is always try to traget our DD…wo kam se kam suitable or quality work karti hai…kuch actors to real life may gande kapade phehan kar ghumti hai..uss kye bare mai aapka kya khayal hai…”DD IS THE BEST”….HI OR HAMESHA RAHEGI….

  • Udita Shah

    Ofcourse she is not going to lose her fans.. hehehehe.. why would she? We dont judge her for the way she dresses.. She is a wonderful dancer, she has improved a lot and deserves to win Jhalak. Dont reporters have eyes?? Or do they have eyes ONLY for Drashti? How come they dont see the other contestants wearing shorter dresses??

  • Abhay

    miss Writer..go infront ofthe mirror n judge your own Dress !
    Who the Hell are you to Write this Rubbish thing abt DD…She knws what to wear n what not…she doesn’t bother abt you cheap-mentality People.
    And Pls No need to Think abt her Die-Hard fans…Drashtiu’s Fans are always with her…Understand you moron !

    • Rooma Naveed


  • sohila

    she really dont need to do this all things for votes she is already the princess of tellywood and have countless fans who votes for her so stop ur this nonsense articles on dd

  • Bindu

    Drashti Dhami does not need to give skin show to get votes… she is the one of the most popular celebrities in the tele world with a huge number of fans.
    I didn’t know in this present world wearing shorts is considered vulgar!!!
    Even without being a trained dancer, even wih the time constraints she puts in her 200% in every performance. We fans are proud of the dedication she has towards her profession!!!

  • nehakapoor7

    this is all rubbish.. how can people talk about Drashti like this.. Expose ..it means they even don’t know the meaning of it..
    Drashti is really working hard & All d best to her.. m praying god that Dashti shld win Jhalak trophy. .she deserves it

  • isha

    I guess u guys should spare drashti she won’t lose any of her fan her fan are always their to support her they don’t judge her by her dress up she is humble & down to earth person other contestant do wear short dress why no article on them targeting on drashti get a life

  • asmita

    I guess u guys should spare drashti..she won’t lose any fan of her they always support her in each step they don’t judge her by her dress up but they love & support due to her humble nature she is sweetheart & get a life she only don’t wear short dress other contestant do wear short dress on jhalak why no article on them u guys should stop targeting drashti

  • angala misti

    u people never show drashti s hard work do u know the meaning of exposing she is not wearing bikini there she a good dancer and good actres also and we love her no matter she win or lose we all fan always keep supporting her

  • anjali

    AISE…..bewakufii se bhare article…..tum log nhi banaoge to aur kaun banayege….RIGHT

  • avantika

    wt the hell a girl will never expose herself !!!!!!!!! wt do people think of themself as they all ways have some CHEAP to say ………. do not make aissue of any RUBBISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sandhya

    she is a good dancer . All the other dancers also wear shot clothes why they r pointing only drashti .she has huge fan following among all the contestants she does require to put shot clothes for votes .Her fans will vote for her anyway.

  • megha

    i don,t know but kahe to kuch hai which i think not good for her but cool drashti is gud dance but channel is give some extra professions then others that i can,t see this wat you say guys

  • natasha

    drasti dhami is not like that girls…drasti dhami is a great dancer…

  • anusha

    r u blind don’t u see lauren & sana performances whatever dd is the best & she will win..:) joke of the year is u ppl r syng dat drashti is gng to loose her fan following how stupid is this ..:-p one thing becareful while publishing anything i think u ppl r plyng dirty games for ur news so dont dare again to publish news against drashti…………..

  • archana

    uff what a jealousy ,seeing the forum fanfights u guys copy paste from a pathetic portal which has no ethics,see all the girls in the show sana sayeed & lauren everybody wears worse clothes than her, she has lot of fan following & she is working hard 18 hrs a day & giving good performance, let me ask are the judges peverts to give her marks if she wears clothes according to her acts, she did all latin american style dances one cannot expect her to wear salwars or sarees..Ok she wored skimpy clothes last week but they didn’t get 30 Y. judges shd gaga over her skin show Y they gave less marks.

  • sahithi

    i just want to know the person who is compelling u people to do these things…..or else u people might be willing to do it by urself to increase views..u only said its gossip and u r only saying she is playing dirty tactics. what u do around comes around for sure.

    every 1 in jdj r exposing so stop blaming drashti. if she wins she would win only due to her own caliber n due to her hard work. n i am sure u people know about her fan following who would vote for her whatever circumstances it may be.

  • noshni

    i don’t think she exposing herself but yes colors promote her a lot rather than other contestant…………

  • jinijasmine

    yes i agree drashti is showing skin show 4 gettng votes.nd she is gettng undeserved marks.wat hppnd 2 judges r they shwng any kind of partiality?

    • Pallavi

      Its really sad to c hw outdated ppl r still there in our country, wht she dng is nothing unethical and no exposure is included there, its not wht she wears bt wht she is achieving that makes ppl jealous and write all dis things

    • Tia

      Hey u , are blind ? Can’t u see Lauren and Sana . U r completely a fan of Lauren and Sana or u hate Drashti . U r not a fan of her but I m and I will support her . She is queen of my heart .


    then DIs is SKin show n all . Den wat will u will say about Lauren’s Recent Performance which children cant c with family…
    JDJ is FAMILY SHOW n Tat Wasnt In VUlgur but had limit to show up in screen…
    SO dont gain TRP by USING DD name :/

  • nnnnnn

    You are using dirty tantics by using Drashti name to attract ppl. You know it Drashti=attraction/fame.

  • Pam Kaur

    stop slating drashti dhami for every little thing that some one comes up with seems to me like some people can’t handle the competion and by bad mouthing drashti are trying to make her look bad. the truth is that drashti gets points on merit of her dancing and hard work her dedication shows in her acts same as gc use to do but still got bad press and also she has loyal fans who will stick by her through thick and thin so bring on the comp[etion dd can handle it with pure proffessionalism as she is doing by keeping her mouith shut and letting her work do the talking

  • Yamdivi

    Get a life ppl… do u even knw what is happening r just rely on some fake source.. if she is been favored…why will they give her less nos…

    don’t judge a book by its cover and dnt make article on fake rumors…being a reporter…

    ppl are J becoz she is popular .. she doesn’t need to expose herself …her fan base is so strong…remember it…

    PS. ppl who comment on her negatively think once b4 commenting

  • hari

    spare her…….she dances well…….why everyone blame only drashti……all the females are wearing such dress……..she doesn’t need such kind of publicity…….her fans are their to vote her………

  • kaleeshwari

    drashti is supreb dancer please dont jelous she is the winner of jhalak

  • Rooma Naveed

    its v sad k people esi baten kr rhy hai Drashti Di k bary main she is innocent … :) i dnt knw how 2 dance par main bachpan se dancing shows dekh rhi hun hamesha costumes dance forms k mutabik hi hty hain nd drashti di k bhi wesy e hty hain jesi dance form hu …. jo bhi Di k bary main esi baten kr rhy hain apny dmag (…..) ….
    Drashti di is the best .. nd InshaAllah she will winnnn the show only becoz of her HARD WORK :*

  • kaleeshwari

    u r the winner of jhalak drashti ur performance is mesmerising my family watchig every week only for u we love u ever . we pray for u all the best . god is with u

  • Jen

    “The actor also came under the scanner when viewers felt that Drashti was using skin show to garner more votes.”

    Not viewers. HATERS. This is the most stupidest controversy ever heard. Nobody sees Drashti’s hard work that she puts in — But short clothes? It’s not like she is showing her undergarments.

  • swathi

    Drashti is best.. n she is nt doing any exposing activity… she hav a huge fans n they do not support her due to her dresses ok.. we all fans really supports dil se… n we wil support her.. so u ppl dnt waste ur limited minds weather she would loose fans or nt… coz her true fans will always support her… n next time plzzz try to write something good about her.. wich she truly deserves… n if u cnt do dat.. dan we dnt want any news abt drashti from u ppl…

  • Segufta

    O M G…r u litterate or illiterate?? Not Drashti u guys r Using dirty tactics 2 spoil her name….but remember dis ll never gonna hpn as all knw Who she is…! U guys r talking abt Dressing sense..notice others dress 1st last tym Sana’s dress?? N Lauren…abt fans de r alwz here 2 support her….m hpy dat DD isn’t wasting tym by answering dis Crapz.. Like “SILENCE IS THE BEST REPLY 2 A FOOL” …!

  • lol

    Stupid rumors like these are really pissing me off!!! Lets get this clear! The fact that she is popular and very much likely to win Jhalak is the reason for such articles!!! Your websites are feeding off ridiculous rumors like these!!! Also about her skin show.. Ahem i really wanna know which fans are these that are upset because if you go to all her fan pages or even Madhubala ek ishq ek junoon’s fan pages.. No one makes even a slight hint of a problem with her dressing.. This is also disregarding how other contestants are dressing… all that goes unnoticed and your websites decide to pick on Drashti!!! All her fans are supporting her so please just back off! About the channel favoring her.. I think its more to do with the channel feeding off her popularity to garner trps for jhalak than that they favor her!!! The channel knows that she is probably the most popular along with Salman on the show so why would they miss an opportunity to showcase her!!???

  • sree lakshmi


  • namrata

    i dont understnd why ths crazy media always after her,,, spreading rumors against her,,,i think ths people are surely fool/dumb morons… we fans r not blind tht we ll not understnd tht who is who,, and we r not nonscense like u tht we ll nt understnt tht she is nt madhubala in real lyf,, nd ths all costumes r require 4 her act .. and if u nd the other freakng j contstnt r tlng tht the channel favouring her thn i tl u previous year there was pratyusha thn why the channel didnot favoured her then… accept the fact tht drashti hv the talent…nobody can deny tht… and drashti hv high chance to win it ths year thts why the opposition r spreading these rumors to distract her…. 1 request to u stupid media ppl pls spare drashti…

  • lee

    Drashti is a wonderful dancer & she deserves to win. No matter what other people say. we still Love her & support her. you don’t have right judgement somebody ? it’s non of ur business to say you wear short or long ?How come they dont see the other contestants wearing shorter dresses?? Drashti is hart working <3

  • veecha

    what the hell!! Drashti is not exposing herself to get more votes.. people grow up.. she is the best.. she would never lose her fans.

  • Diana richie

    WHAT A JOKE!!!!! Plz watch the show JDJ6 and Drashti & salman’s performance, they are outstanding and mindblowing performer. We love their performance sooo much.
    By the way we have been reading rubbish articles like now a days and most funny thing is all writers are female. Whats wrong with them?

  • ayaan khan

    sick people..if she doesnt even shake a leg n just tweet her fans to vote then also we will vote for her..she dont need to use any tactics..n LEAVE my DRASHTI…otherwise u ll b flooded wd d worst language ever..you namrata…i swear ll kill u if u come infront of me..i wish n pray u turn blind sooon n physically handicapped so that u dont hav dirty mind n hands to write against her..insha allah

  • Saba Maheen

    miss namrata thakkar..how dare u write lyk ds fr my DRASHTI.. she dont need to do anything fr votes..if she doesnt dance n just stand on d stage covering her face also v ll vote her..
    u ****** namrata i wish n pray to god dat u turn blind n physically handicapped soon fr ds bloody article

  • Moi

    seriously…wenevr sm1 reaches at top..ppl cnt tolert al ds..
    1st f al..wearng..shrts..wat othrs r wearng n d sm shw….u r nt worried about dt…gud…
    2nd ly..do u really thnk..skin shw gvs votes..f mallika serawat ws a competitor dn also DDs supprters wud hv voted hr nly…& ds who nvr vote..won’t evr vote aftr skin shw also..dey wl jst enjy dt….
    3rdly…we r quite aware who r behind al ds cheap tricks…bt thnk god..DD hs gt a very supportv prtner…Salman…& she gvs a damn 2 ds section f media lk u & tellychkkar…
    u r jst mkng hr fan base strnger..nuthng else..we love our madhubala..bt nvr thought f giving votes & al…nvr done al ds 4 mah fav actors also..bt tellychkkars article(always against hr) hs made me 2 support ds hrdwrkng , down 2 earth ..lady…& ys..i hv strted votng hr..so ys u(tellychkkar type media section) hv given hr 1 admirer ..congo..

  • Omnipotence IF

    Yes we know she is a exposer and wants to go nude less that Dristy Pisti

    Plus her fans are crazy

    • Misha

      U guys have ganged up against her before the show started. Every reality show u ppl pick up a bakhra to bash and in this show Drashti is your bakhra to bash. Hope you ppl’s so called sadist entertainment is fulfilled by defaming her.
      Brave and Hats off to Mr. Omni nd his friends of IF.

    • Get a life

      So not surprised to see morons like you here too.! Lol, I know your life evolves around her.! You need help big time.!

  • Jen

    First of all I would like to know who r these viewers who think like this. have u done a survey? How can u defame drashti Dhami? she comes as a very dignified and graceful person to me….How can u publish a fake article like this.

    she is trying to show her versatility as a dancer and as an open minded girl she is quite comfortable in that, Drashti Dhami’s fans are happy with her, her viewers are happy with her, those who are spreading this cheap things are actually from a different fan group and instigating this .

  • sanju

    seriously man …you media people have nothing good to do na
    She’s doing skin show …really …. Then why dont you talk abt other contestants too
    And tell me who votes for cheap people ??
    NOBODY does …. Or maybe cheap people like you do.
    We, her fans vote for her coz we love her, she’s an amazing actress and a wonderful person …and we’ll make sure she win

    Atleast dont degrade her image … She is not desperate to win …she works hard for hours despite her shoots …not like other contestants who have no work.

  • Pepeye

    it is very clearly evident that the other contestants are very much scared of her dancing and popularity. BWL pls tell us which contestant have problem with DD. Why they r staying behind and spreading malice against Drashti ? If they have any problem why don’t they come in front of the camera and say so. We fans are very well aware of the names of the insecure souls of JDJ6.
    BTW pathetic to see BWL copying and pasting articles based on Telly Chakkar who has done nothing but defame Drashti Dhami as always.

  • sumaiyariya

    what all of this crap :/ :/ :/.
    u only find dd kya.what about others.kisine kya dd ke bare bolke liya paisa diya hay >:(.

    ok now listen dd dont anything to win jdj.she is the 1 who can give a tough competition to others.

    what about others participate in jdj who wear coths.dont stop this nonsense

  • maahi zaidi

    do u reallyyy knw da meaning of expose…??
    drashti’s all act frm da strt r western dance form…. n can u tell me how cn she dance in sariii…??
    she dn’t need 2 do anythng 2 get votes…
    Drashtii has huge fan follwing.. who r voting n supprting her….
    n DD N SALMAN working really hard…
    so next tym do homework befre posting such rideculouse articles….

  • Goshi Gul

    well other contestant even using shorter dresses then dd bt no articl abt them obvz dd is famous n hav most number of fans soo all only usingher nam cs no one else is famous like dd n seriously judges supporting many mor then dd n dd fans r voting like crazy 4 her see colors site n twit n u ll get the fact n she dsnt need 2 expose 4 voting cs even dd stand thr n only we ll vot 4 her

  • saba

    hello reporter wake up plsss……… Drasthi is a talented & good dancer. dd ko exposing k sahara lene k jarurat nahi hain…… & if judges favourism karti to every single epi.main dd ko perfect 30 milti…… dd jo achive kia uske hard working k bajayse kia,skin exposs karke nahi. so stop playing dirty games & spare drasthi….

  • deepika agarwal

    Dis iz nt 10th century dat she will wear Burkha nd take part in Dance reality show…all r Jealous of Drashti’s hardwork nd fan following coz all knows d truth dat She will win JDJ 6 trophy..we all loyal fans r wid her voting day n night..stop ur cheap conservative thinking spare DD nd us…

  • Rajni

    This is totally wrong to say anything bad abt drashti or any1′s attire. N the costume is in accordance with act. Jdj is a dance show so there may only talk abt dance. N in dance drashti is perfect.

  • deepika agarwal

    Are u living in 10th century oh common she can’t wear burkha n participate in dance reality show.. we njoy her prfrmnce wid family bt ya dere r other contestants like Sana nd Lauren whose dresses as well prfrmnce can’t we seen wid family…its shameful..dnt target Drashti wid ur cheap n conservative thinking..we fans r dere 2 support her nd we r voting day night ..she will win JDJ 6 wid her hardwork nd fans support..all those who hav prblm wid DD r Jealous of her..so spare DD nd us…

  • navha

    yes she is exposing herself

  • navha

    yes she is exposing herself,yes she donig this

  • raboti

    u r right she is expose to get number to impress karan jahor

  • Mansi Tripathi

    What the heck??
    Why everyone only see Drashti’s costume and not sana and lauren
    to be frank i found sana’s dress most vulgar last time

  • RAJA

    yes i feel so she used dirty politics to get shweta tiwari evicted

  • ankitasanghi

    He cheap people keep away from drashti dhami.she is a best dancer .

  • ankitasanghi

    Drashti is a best dancer she prooves herself and the viewers by her hardwork. So cheap people keep away from drashti dhami.

  • Omg

    Oh!! Tell this to the costume designers
    Do u think ppl r blind tat just for skin show they r going to vote for ppl
    We do not see the clothes by god we see the talent
    Do u think all the other contestants come in full clothes like a sadi or a kurta pajama?
    They too wear short froks and skirts
    And do not behave like ancient indians!! Talent is talent u cannot regrett it keep all these annoying comments to urself

  • pranav

    oh stupids plz dont say lik dat even sana will were more lesser dresses dan drashti. and even u shuld not judge anyone abt der dressing style? nd plz dont talk rubbish about drashti dhami. ……………………………….. she z an exellent dancer. if u want 2 comment.. comment on sana and mukti also……… they r promting drashti more but dis z not d reason dat she belongs 2 colors channel she z good looking and good dancer even siddharth belongs 2 colors channel. he z also doing popular show … dese jhalak contestents r jealous of drashti dats y all dese stupud rumors nd dont tal;k anything rubbish abt drashti 1st think abt ur self!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! luv u drashti gona win dis show

  • Shruti Shah

    Tum logonki sochh hi gandi hain bilkul ek gandi naalike kide jaisi issi liye drashti ko badnaam kar rahe ho…

  • Apoorva

    Drashti is a gorgeous actress n a graceful dancer n due to her dancing she get more n more marks n she is not exposing herself n guiys sham on u .u r so cheap n narrow minded..DRASHTI is a superp actress n she doesn’t need to get highest score by using these.She is honest nd hardworking nd due to her hardwork she achieve her goal n get more n more success in her life.I alwaz support drashti.DRASHTI is d best.

  • Nishant Satyam Sinha

    Wat d crap. . . !!!! D guys whu r acusing drashti of ol dis r def. Nerds n goons. . . Its realy disgusting yar a performer z performing wid her heart n soul 2 entertain us. . . N the crapy felows r rumouring dere nonsense. . . . Avoid ol dis drashti. . .our luvly madhu as i m wid u n so z evry pure heart :-)

  • sws

    oh pls it is the act requirement.DD is superb dancer.

  • sowmya

    Dd such a good dancer and i think its her natural talent not only in acting but in dance as well…soo people who actually misjudge her are just jealous..simple!

  • shreeelekha

    u people creating such roumors u dont hav any rite comment on others dis a dance reality show everyone will show skin den wat abt lauren and sana wo log dikta nayi apko anderi ho appp . first think abt ur self den talk abt any other people

  • Nethu

    This is a dance reality show. not some interview or a award function . A performance does not get complete just with a dance, it also need a suitable costume. you can’t do tango or salsa, wearing a saree or salwar kameez. so you can’t criticize someone’s character by their cloths. So DD i not @ fault, She is doing this to complete her performance. Do your best DD we understand the truth no matter what anyone says.

  • achus

    attention to whomsoever is posting this type of messages about our dd……is she the only one who is exposing???can’t u people see sana?actually did she wears something???about dd sheis an amazing dancer and actor everyone is jealous of her ……but don’t misunderstand us …..we won’t accept the fact that she is exposing 4 votes……..even if she don’t dance,,she will get votes!!

  • abhilesha

    what rubbish article is that…..first check your own character then talk about drashti she is always the best!!!!!

  • neha

    illeterate people song k hisaab se dress pehna hai us ne kuch bhi ilzaam lagate rehte ho

  • eena

    ye faltu post hai, open up ur mind. If you don’t have the right sense to watch then don’t watch

  • maya

    DD is always good and with Salman she rocks.well just see her dance not her dress

  • yukti

    dd will win jhalak she deserve to be a winner according to dance theme and comfort these kind of dress are wore so guyes plse open your mind and vote for dd

  • Russgus

    She was not the best dancer. Lauren or Sonali should have won. I agree that the results were fixed and this was not a legitimate win. She even said it herself when she said she didn’t expect to win because there were much better dancers than her.
    I did not watch this show before and I see no reason to now.

  • Alwel

    Hi al, Dhrashti Dhami as an individual should not be targeted and maligned. The Jhalak result was definitely unfair, yes , but then the channel and organizer’s and the judges and the janta are very much part of it. If she is good she will survive her career, if not well………….only time will tell.

  • Raj

    Drashti performed well but the truely deserving pair were puneet n lauren or the kids