Posted Tue, June 3, 2014 11:39pm IST

The JDJ game has begun and the competition is really tough this season. Precisely what we are looking forward to in season 7, no

Every year 13 contestants take part in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa and this time is no different. However, unlike the previous seasons, this time almost everyone has the basic knowledge of dancing and won’t exactly move like a klutz on stage.

However, after the press conference on June 2, five contestants managed to grab our attention with their performance. Read on to find out…

Shakti Mohan and Tushar: The dancer walked in with style on the floor without her choreographer at first. She danced and we knew almost immediately that Shakti is here to stay. She was perfection personified when it came to facial expressions, the technique and flexibility. Need we say more?

Puja Banerjee and Rajit: The telly actor may not be well versed with all the dancing forms, but she has something we didn’t see in any of the other contestants – oomph. Puja – a beginner in dancing walked on stage with all the confidence she could muster and gave a sizzling performance. In fact, her act made Kritika Kamra, who had entered the stage with her, look bad in comparison.

Karan Tacker and Suchitra: The chocolate boy of telly land came in with an aura that made all the women go awwww… His first romantic performance on stage with Mouni Roy made us want to see the duo together again. He’s got style, a personality and decent dancing skills. With a little bit of creativity from his choreographer, Karan has all the ingredients of a JDJ winner.

Mouni Roy and Punit: We’ve seen the classically trainer dancer do Ballet, Salsa, Jive and several other dance forms in other reality shows. Mouni has already managed to co-ordinate brilliantly with choreographer and we could see that very evidently during her performance. There’s truly very little that can stop her from winning the title this year.

Andy and Bhavini: He started off on a comic note and the reaction was as expected. Andy has the knack of making his act look as authentic as possible. He can simultaneously make the audience roll on the floor laughing. It’s the perfect combination for the JDJ stage.