Jiah Khan suicide: Police await actor’s medical reports to confirm abortion

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Jiah Khan suicide: Police await actor’s medical reports to confirm abortion
Yogen Shah

The cops will send Jiah’s six-page letter to handwriting experts. Meanwhile, they are also trying to crack the actor’s’ mobile phone password to check her messages

Mumbai police Tuesday said they are awaiting medical reports of actor Jiah Khan to ascertain if she had undergone an abortion or been assaulted by her boyfriend, actor Aditya Pancholi’s son Suraj Pancholi, as alleged in her letter – found three days after her suicide.

In the light of the abortion which Jiah has mentioned in her six-page letter, which was handed to police by her mother, a Mumbai police officer said they have identified the hospital where the actress was treated and are awaiting the medical reports to take the case further.

“It is there in the suicide note, but then till the time it is not corroborated, we can’t do anything. We are waiting for the hospital report where she was treated. Till the time we don’t get this, we can’t say anything. We have got to know where she was treated, so the report will also come,” the officer, who did not want to be identified, told reporters.

The medial reports will prove whether she had been hit or not, he said.

He also added that the case is at its preliminary stage at the moment and police are investigating further. Talking about the letter, he added that it has to be considered as an evidence as Jiah’s mother Rabiya Khan has been seeing her daughter’s handwriting since childhood.

“If the mother said that it is hers (Jiah’s), then we must believe in that… she has seen from childhood how her handwriting is. Of course, we are sending it to handwriting experts too,” he said.

Police are also trying to crack the actor’s’ mobile phone to check her messages. They tried many passwords provided by Jiah’s mother and sisters, but nothing has worked so far and they will be sending it to the experts.

The mother also has written in her statement to police that Jiah and Suraj were in a live-in relationship since a year, the officer said.

Suraj, who was arrested late Monday night, will be in police custody till June 13. The arrest came barely two days after Jiah’s family handed over her letter to the police. It was found three days after her suicide on June 3.Subscribe to me on YouTube

  • Nicole

    THIS IS WRONG! The woman committed suicide; her mother should grieve in private. Sending the woman’s boyfriend to jail won’t bring her back. It is very sad but trying to send him to jail is not the answer. Sorry but the mom keeps saying what a close relationship she had to her daughter yet she couldn’t get her away from this supposedly horrible guy? If he is guilty so is her mother.So the mom knew she was abused and did nothing. Even is she really had an abortion that does not prove anything. They may have decided that together and afterwards she regretted it and blamed him. This isn’t right! If jiah wanted to bring charges against him she should have done that not kill herself and have her family take revenge on this guy. He sounds like a jerk but a respect Jiah’s family less and less.