Jiah Khan suicide: Shilpa Shukla lashes out saying Bollywood has screwed up this nation!

The B.A. Pass actor says she’d wanted to commit suicide in her phase of rejection, but took to training in martial arts instead

The Jiah Khan suicide is one of many stories in Bollywood of rejection, loss of faith and depression. Yet another starlet killing herself, and the reactions are still pouring in from both sides of the spectrum. While people like Amitabh Bachchan cannot fathom why anyone could take such a drastic step, those like Shilpa Shukla can somehow relate to what Jiah must’ve gone through in those moments.

The B.A. Pass actor reacted rather strongly on Tuesday, saying, “Khud Khushi .. Why were we ever given this option to take away life? No, it won’t make anything easy for anyone. Stimulus is perhaps the world that we have created for each other. Where love means only one type. The rest of the love denied or not accepted. I wish there was one God to whom we all had to listen to, the God within that teaches and preaches the Sanctity of a mother’s love for the Child. The purest one. And then perhaps we will know, no matter what, you are loved and needed and wanted and don’t go. It’s not the way.”

It seems the thoughts around Jiah and how Bollywood treated have been haunting Shilpa, as she wrote on Facebook this morning, “You know the difference why Jiah Killed herself. And I admit, I wanted to too. I understood that nobody finds peace by killing and that none of us are victims . And, Bollywood is embarrassing when it comes to actresses. It’s like a new Chewing GUM that they pop in, chew chew till its tasteless. And spit out for another NEW FLAVOR. And sadly, we have hand few (sic) of directors who are evolved. It’s an ugly race that they are all made to run. I don’t even find them beautiful, they look desperate behind that beauty where years are spent in rectifyting the face and not the skill to act and improve and learn. And thick-skinned market. Shallow with no depth. Corrupt . Selfish. Myopic. Bollywood you screwed up this nation, majorly. And once you are successful, they will make you like them. The weak surrender.”

When we spoke to Shilpa today on her own bad phase in Bollywood that made her think of quitting altogether, she said, “My big moment of rejection happened very dramatically. I joined martial arts. It’s a much better fight to invest in creation than destruction. Pain is an integral part of creation. There are sacrifices.”

For Jiah, she had a special message, “Live a little more in the name of Jiah. She was never so alive. And something tells me, happy. May her soul rest in peace.”

BollywoodLifers, what do you think about Shilpa’s insider views on B-town? Is she judging the industry correctly?