Jiah Khan suicide: Suraj Pancholi confessed to beating up Jiah Khan, say cops

Jiah Khan suicide: Suraj Pancholi confessed to beating up Jiah Khan, say cops
Yogen Shah / Imaging: Neeraj Kathale

The junior Pancholi, who was detained by the Mumbai police on June 10 in connection with Jiah’s suicide, has finally admitted to beating up his ex-girlfriend

It’s been over a week since Jiah Khan committed suicide at her Juhu residence. What followed was a police investigation and some startling revelations. Jiah’s six-page suicide letter found at her home and her mother Rabiya Amin Khan’s statement reportedly claimed that Suraj Pancholi, who was dating Jiah, is responsible for the young actor’s suicide.

Media reports today suggest that Suraj has allegedly confessed that he had beaten up his girlfriend Jiah following a fight in Goa eight months ago, after which the Nishabd actor took the drastic step of attempting suicide by slitting her wrist. Juhu police investigating the case said, “Suraj has admitted to being in a live-in relationship with Jiah.” The police is contemplating adding an additional charge under Section 498-A (harassment of a woman by husband or in-laws) of IPC against Pancholi.

Police have also received the late 25-year-old’s medical report from a Juhu hospital where Jiah had undergone an abortion. “The doctor who conducted the abortion knew Jiah and her boyfriend Suraj. In fact, the abortion was conducted in the first two months of this year. We have recorded the doctor’s statement,” police reports say. Shedding more light on the case DCP Chhering Dorje said, “The pregnancy was not terminated through pills. We have sent summons to the doctor who performed the surgery, as well as to Jiah’s friends who knew about it.”

With each passing day and every new update in the suicide case, it looks like the legal trouble for the aspiring actor Suraj Pancholi is not going to end soon. The Mumbai court will issue its verdict on the lad today. Watch this space for more news.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Harriet Laphase

    Pls let justice take it stands in this.

    • Ginny

      Rip jiah we girls want justice y we girls have to suffer always ,,..we girls trust boys so blindly n fall for them truly but boys betray us n lies n thinks we girls are womanising but actual our love n care we only want frm boys is love n care .. We want boys love us only no other women that’s all we need in our life ..as JiAh also wanted same but suraj gave her torture abused her used her ..n he forced to abort their baby .may jiah thought by dying everyday frm the torture,pain,lonliless it’s better to end her life.jiah only knows what she had gone through.suraj u will never b happy in ur life .suraj u will suffer the same pain that u gave to jiah ..may u b jailed for 10 yrs….

  • Ginny

    Jiah should get justice..even though she ended her life I can feel how she died everyday from the torture n lies frm suraj.the only mistake was she blindly trusted n loved him truly frm heart . She didn’t love him for fame but stupid suraj didn’t value her love instead he thought she was womanising .every girl dream is to get loving n caring boy which jiah khan also wanted .but unfortunately she chosed wrong guy.she didn’t get a fathers love may b that’s y she truly loved n care suraj she thought he was her everythg .may b if I was in her situation I may also had suicide instead of tolerating the pain,dishonesty,lies,harassment ,losing her important part her baby ..suraj must at least get 10yrs of jail punishment hope god will

  • Priya

    Is Suraj Pancholi a human or a demon. If he disliked Jiah that much he should not have shared a living relationship with her. Some sources say Suraj is innocent. What it means? Jiah has killed herself for fun.

  • manuel

    she was an actress not an actor

    • hnb

      maa chuda le, male or female both r actors. update ur vocab. boy

  • Nelly

    He looks sooo creepy,,its not even funny..Grosss…whatdid she see in that creepers..Love truly is blind