Jiah Khan suicide: Suraj Pancholi sent to jail till June 27

Jiah Khan suicide: Suraj Pancholi sent to jail till June 27
Yogen Shah

The aspiring actor charged with abetting Jiah’s suicide has been sent to two weeks in prison

The Mumbai court verdict on Suraj Pancholi is out. Suraj has been sent to jail till June 27 on charges of abetting Jiah Khan’s suicide. The investigating officer informed the court that since Pancholi had deleted all the messages from his mobile phone, they would need additional time to further investigate the case. Shortly after the court’s decision, Suraj’s lawyer said that he would move a bail plea in the Sessions court.

The 22-year-old son of Aditya Pancholi and Zarina Wahab was arrested on June 10. Meanwhile the postmortem reports suggest that no external injury marks have been found on Jiah’s body. Rabiya Amin Khan had claimed that there were bruises on her daughter’s body and that she was assaulted.

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  • sahil

    if sooraj is punished,, it will encourage others to take suicide step.. all thinking of suicide should come to know that after their death no one is getting to be punished.. instead jiah should have lived and should have faced sooraj and should had taught her a better lesson..

    • juhi thakar

      To suicide is not easy.I am sure jiah must hav faced lots of troubles and was completly not able to solve so for her taking her life was more easier rather rather then asking for justice or sorting her personal issues.Though suicide is ill-logical but when somebody is really stressed or depressed it becomes the human psychology that taking owns life looks the only solution.And she was lonley.