Jiah Khan suicide: Was her breakup with Suraj Pancholi the trigger?

Police investigation and Jiah’s phone calls and SMS records suggest that the late actor was upset because she thought her boyfriend Suraj was dating another girl

A day after Jiah Khan was found hanging in her Juhu apartment, probable reasons for the actor taking such a drastic step have come to the fore. Police reports claim that Jiah was heartbroken after a failed relationship with her boyfriend, Suraj Pancholi, and also was upset with her sagging film career.

After questioning Suraj and his dad Aditya Pancholi, the police officer investigating the case has revealed that Jiah was dating Suraj for nearly a year, but she was shocked to know that Suraj had started dating another girl who’s said to have been supplying jewellery to the Pancholi family. According to a newspaper report, Jiah was upset because she thought Suraj was avoiding her. The two were in a relationship and their families knew about it. “Aditya Pancholi had warned his son Suraj to stay away from Jiah as it would affect his film career,” said a police officer while talking to a newspaper.

Some latest reports also suggest that Jiah and Suraj’s relationship was quite unstable. There were times when she used to get upset and stop talking to him and Suraj would then please her by sending bouquets. The couple is said to have spent the weekend at Suraj’s house and had dinner together on Sunday, after which Jiah returned home on Monday.

After talking to each other a couple of times, Suraj apparently started avoiding Jiah. And later when Khan informed Suraj that she got three film assignments, he sent her a bouquet through her servant, but the already fuming Jiah asked her building’s security guard to dump it in the bin. Jiah then went to Suraj’s house to meet him. But his servant informed her that he was out with his family. She then returned home after which Suraj texted her asking why she had come. At 10.53 pm, the two argued on the phone. At 11.07 pm, Suraj sent her a SMS requesting her to call him back, but there was no reply. The police suspect that she had hanged herself by then. In one of her text messages, Jiah said: ‘U R getting too cold. U R getting too close to Neelu’ to which Suraj responded: ‘There has been a misunderstanding. Let’s sort it out.’

An officer said that Jiah’s mother Rabiya Amin Khan had gone out for dinner with yesteryear actor Anju Mahendroo and Aditya Pancholi. And when she returned home, she found her daughter hanging in the bedroom. The Juhu police has ruled out foul play on the basis of the post-mortem report and registered it as a case of accidental death. “There is no direct evidence indicating that someone had instigated Jiah to commit suicide. We will record her sisters’ statements and will decide on the further course of action,” said Additional Commissioner of Police, Vishwas Nangre-Patil.

Jiah is also said to have been unhappy with her career in Bollywood as she was out of job for quite some time. She had told her mother that she wanted to take up interior designing instead. May her soul rest in peace.