Jiah Khan’s funeral: Sidhartha Mallya, Suraj Pancholi, Riteish Deshmukh pay their last respects

Jiah Khan’s funeral: Sidhartha Mallya, Suraj Pancholi, Riteish Deshmukh pay their last respects
Yogen Shah

The Bollywood actor who committed suicide on Monday night was laid to rest this afternoon

Actor Jiah Khan, who committed suicide by hanging herself at her Juhu residence, was laid to rest at Santacruz graveyard in Mumbai. Her funeral was held this afternoon. Jiah’s sister and her mother Rabia Amin were inconsolable. Her boyfriend, Suraj Pancholi, was in tears too. He came along with his father and actor Aditya Pancholi to bid Jiah a final farewell.

Celebrities like Riteish Deshmukh, Kiran Rao, Sidhartha Mallya, Ranjeet, Sophie Choury, Urvashi Dholakia, Deepak Parasher, Nagma and Prem Chopra visited her residence to pay their final respects.

The UK-born actor was found hanging at her flat in Sagar Sangeet building in the posh Juhu area of northwest Mumbai Monday midnight. She lived with her mother and sister who were not at home when she ended her life.

Tuesday night actor Aamir Khan, who worked with Jiah in Ghajini, visited her residence around 11.30 pm and met her mother.

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  • shren singh]

    jiya you should not have done it.it was wrong way.

  • Zeeshan ahmad

    Jiya,its wrong way.

  • hi

    BTW this bollywood is so much dramatic. WHo killed jiha khan??? the answer is she hated her life, so she hanged her self with the ceiling fan. it was her choice not any one else to kill jiah khan. it shows clearly that she was depressed. 2) if she was depressed what was the reason? her family, her father abandon her when she was 3 months old and she is the oldest muslim sis. then her mother remarried a hindu and her hindu sisters kavita and karishma were born, their father abandon them. as little when they were used to fight with each other as step sisters because they are daughters of differen men mom some time sidess muslim jiah and the hindu sisters fight with mom. majority is the authority. mostly when jiah is wrong her mom sided with her hindu sisters being a mother. jiah is left alone as blood is always thicker than water. kavita karishma are sisters but jiah is a step sister. now jiah feels lonely and fights with her mother through out her life that you side with hindu sisters. it is bcz the whole family has a negative experience of fathers. her mom was an old small actress and puts pressure on jiah khan to become a big screen star and run the house. jiah did for as long she could but once she didn’t hav films her mom keeps teasing her you are burden and not making any money you are a failure. jiah gain feels like a failure. now since the beigining it is jiah’s family isses which their fathers and mother should hav taken care of. her mother keeps annoying jiah khan to find big movies which were never in her destiny. as jiah’s mom said she was besotted by bollywood but what bolywood has to offer her nothing. jiah only gave three ok kinda movies to bollywood she didn’t give DDLJ/ Hum Aap Ke Hain Koun. film industry is a buisness. producers invest their money in a film as a buisness and it is not a donation money which they don’t have to recover. producers hire actors based upon thier looks and talent. jiah wasn’t deepika padukone in looks in height in features etc. ofcourse God mad everyone but unfortunately ppl r judged based upon on their looks. jiah’s mother said she went for an audition on june 1,2. she was rejected. jiah feels a failure again. she & step sisters are in depression since years and years because of their different fathers but same actions. Now jiah met suraj few months ago and they broke up. jiah kept going on with one way love. suraj keeps answering hr calls being a good person and to support her in bad time but jiah wants more than that. SUraj is only 21 however, jiah is 27. she has seen ups and down of her career. SUraj hasn’t even started working. Suraj has only signed up a movie by salman khan. now the jelousy begins and jiah can’t see Suraj Pancholi working hard and recieving his reward. Suraj’s being 21 focuses only on his career which he should do anyways. jiah feels insecure she contacts Suraj come meet me. SUraj is having a dinner with family. jiah cant see Suraj happy with his family. jiah starts arguing with Suraj you are cold … Suraj says ok if you are not happy lev me alone bcz we broke up months ago. jiah wants to trick Suraj now and calls him tells him I hav found 3 moviez. SUraj congratulates her and sends her flowers. jiah knows it was a lie and throws flowers in the bin. then jiah picks them up and goes to SUraj’s house and curses him and throws flowers there. Now we all can see jiah khan was a bipolar personality. She has mood disorders too and last but not the least depression. as she treats SUraj like a dog and jiah knows there is no match between the two. Jiah is 27 yr old woman. Suraj is only 21 yr old.she wanted Suraj to trick. She calls him at her place right then and there. Suraj says I’ll meet you the next day. Now we can see Suraj is stil caring about jiah khan being a human. Thank God Suraj didn’t go bcz thr is a twist in the story now. jiah khan has planned her sucide being a failure and her family doesn’t know about her depression as its a regular thing of their family and no one is aware of it that all have depression bcz of their fathers behavior. Aright Suraj didn’t go as its important to give time to your family also but oh my girls these days want to control men and cut them off from their families. jiah has planned her death and SUraj is still not coming to her house , wat the hell man. Jiah thinks that Suraj will come as in her mind Suraj is her puppy. She expects her Puppy Suraj Pancholi to lcik how ever she wants whenever she wants and woof woof on her call. she calls him agn and asked him to com to her place so that she can kill herself in the mean time and Suraj will be responsible and get the blame due to to hopes of success in her life. Suraj tells jiah to call back and being a boy of a normal family he doesn’t know that jiah can kill her self in the mean time. Suraj was with his family because he’s getting bread and butter from his family. I’d want my sons and daughters to give me time too and just not keep them limited or available to their so called phone gf’s or mothers. Her mother rabia amin is chilling out and again not giving any time to her daughters. jiah is home alone and is fed up of every thing in her life. jiah lives with her family 24/7 and who is depressing her more? Her whole life her mother her step sisters and her failing career and relation with father mother and step sisters. Now how can you blame a 21 yrs old boy that he instigated jiah’s sucide? No woman who is 5-6 yrs or even 1 yrs older than man is stupid enuff to kill her self just based upon on her failure in love with a younger man. what was her problem that she couldn’t find her age men or older successful responsible men? if some one doesn’t its her mistake. as you know you have bad fathers actually all girls should pick good supportive husbands not younger kids than their own age so they can mother them. What Suraj Pancholi has done by breaking up with her is a normal thing of our society now and in old age. If you don’t get along you break up. For example exactly like Aamir Khan who came on jiah khans funeral but has divorced his wife as he cheated on her millions of times and she said she had lived her life in deciet. So if its ok for Aamir khan to divorce his ex wife and not be guilty for what she is going through in her health and life? Aamir khan signed a contract with his ex wife and breaks his contract by divorcing her. Just like Aamir khan Suraj Pancholi should be okay too to have a break up. The only difference is that SUraj is not legally committed with jiah khan. I have a question my BF”S broke up with me too. Can I please kill myself and hang like JIAH KHAN and become a victim hero please? Why our society is double standard? Why its okay for a legally committed person to divorce a woman and its not okay to break up with a muslim girl who is doing haram stuff? Lets not lev someone just bcz one is dead and not worship the dead. Lets care about life, Lets care about living people too how they are being harassed by Paid Hatered PAPPARAZZI who are on a scheme. Lets watch video how they are harassing Aditya Pancholi and how rude and bad language they are using with a country’s superstar. Unfortunately this is a bi-standard world. Do what I tell you to do, but Don’t do what I do. Media ha been treating SUraj Pancholi same as they were used tp treat his Father Aditya Pancholi. Like Father like son, Yes They both are same. Father is calmer with papparazzi and the son didn’t evensay a sing;e word. Lets stop hating each other Lets not worship the dead. Lets care about life Lets care about the living too. Whatever happened with Jiah Khan was wrong but the blame doesn’t go to Suraj Pancholi. The blame goes first to her father and how she suffered her whole life in different realtion from her father mother step sis to career to love. Suraj wasn’t her first man. SHe dated an italian boy friend too. He whole life was miserable. she had depression and she killed her self bcz no one cared about her. The only person cared is SUraj to whatever extent even just to pick up calls or return text mesages. no matter if they were late or to meet next day. We all have our lives too. we could be in bath room, cooking, talking with family , having a head ache, or some time just urt by our love, thats y we don’t answer right away. Its a life and lets get real and its a fact that we can’t be available with the blink of an eye like aladin. Lets not make Suraj Pancholi gulty and blame him for killing her bcz Suraj Pancholi hasn’t killed her, He didn’t shoot her or stabbed her. Lets not make a shreef insan badmash. Lets learn a lesson and be responsible in our life. Lets be good fathers, mothers first and be close at heart to our children. Lets support our kids and not make them run the house. Shreef woman wash dishes in different houses and brooming and bring money for bread and butter. Lets only raise one family so kids won’t have differences and not feel lonely as they don’t have their siblings. lets not let kids have relations out of wedlock bcz it doesn’t lead any where. last but not least lets listen to parents, when they stop from something lets stop. Lets raise good happy families. Lets find a cure for depression lets be brave and see a psychitrist for depression lets be treated to avoid every other problem. lets save life and lets care about living people too. Lets not worship deads and lets not fake to be very caring. when Jiah Khan was alive no producer no one cared now she’s dead every one is giving her attention. Lets not blame Suraj Pancholi. don’t do injustice with Suraj. There is a God who is watching, what goes around always comes around. Don’t force God to destroy this world when ther is no justice. Lets not worship dead and appreciate life. The letter wasn’t found by the police. It has been found in the same room by her sister Kavita who comes from UK. Kavita has written this letter, same kavita karishma who were use to torture her that she is from another father and a failure. They want to destroy another family bcz Jiah khan is not running the house anymore. Let the truth come out that Jiah khan has killed herself and her family is responsible for her actions, her family instigated Jiah khan’s death who ignored her and misused her money. Her mother rabia amin wants Pancholi family to go through the same as they have lost their daughter bcz of their mistakes. No offense but Aditya Pancholi’s is a better father than Jiah Khan’s father and those so called superstars who divorced their wives and broke a contract of marriage which is an everlasting relation. The letter wasn’t found by police but days later after Jiah’s sis kavita comes from england and is using her sick mentality bcz she wrote it.

    • Uday Jagarlapudi

      The feelings of complete hopelessness and unbearable misery, which lead a person (of any age) to commit suicide, may be difficult for many of us to fully grasp and understand… we can neither claim to have walked in the person’s shoes nor to have conducted a full medical and psychiatric evaluation of the person. It’s a common knee-jerk reaction to try to place blame on one person or one event that may have directly contributed to such a tragic end to one’s life, but it’s almost never that simple. Such acts of desperation may indicate a poor support system, an underlying personality disorder which prevents the person from seeking medical help, a history of substance which impairs thought processes, etc. The complexity of the human psyche must be taken into account before pointing fingers. We all go through our own trials and tribulations and are forced to confront our own demons. Some of us develop healthy defense mechanisms, while others unfortunately develop mechanisms which are destructive.

      My condolences to the family and friends of Miss Jiah Khan. May her soul find peace. Also, may we not judge the Pancholi family in this knee-jerk fashion.

    • mou

      you duffer, evil person, suraj has confessed that he bused to beat Jiya n made her do abortion as well… if u dont know then dont criticize

    • hello

      donno above all is true or not.But definitely,agrww with on one part- u cant blame suraj for all this mess. she is disturbed child.suicide one own decision u can blame others for that…