Jiah Khan’s sister Karishma Khan ready to make her Bollywood debut?

Jiah Khan’s sister Karishma Khan ready to make her Bollywood debut?
Yogen Shah

Rumours abound that the sister of the late starlet will soon be looking at starring in a Hindi film

Jiah Khan was without doubt a very beautiful person. The young actor, who met a premature end, was acclaimed for her acting in her debut film Nishabd, where she held her own alongside the legendary Amitabh Bachchan. This makes us feel that acting runs in her genes, considering her mum Rabia Khan too has done her share in the limelight; she acted in N Chandra’s superhit 1986 movie Ankush. And now Jiah’s younger sister Karishma Khan will be making her debut, if rumours are to be believed.

We heard that Rabia Khan was already in talks with a few producers to discuss investing in Karishma’s debut film. However, with the sudden and unfortunate news of Jiah’s suicide, we presume that Karishma will be taking her time to recover from the shock before she can make any move towards working on a debut film. Apparently when Jiah was alive, she was quite excited about her sister’s potential movie career..

Well, Karishma definitely is a good-looking girl, and we’re sure she will have a great chance at success in Bollywood. But after such a cruel twist of fate that was her sister’s life, would this new Khan kid want to be a part of the film industry? We wonder…Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Ralph

    are you frigging serious? This totally disgusts me!! So i am disgusted at this family.. poor jiah.. maybe they had something to do with her death.

  • Sallyann

    Seriously India has more problem with rape and murder, But an actress who did not value her life gets more attention in the news than women and children being raped and murdered. More publicity goes to this, what is happening to the trial for the student of the Dec 16 2012 attack. Come On please this girl lived to help people, but even fast track court is not fast enough to get this girl justice. Frankly I have no time for a girl who had everything and couldnt be happy. People face worse off situations than love gone wrong every day, poverty, homelessness, financial crisis, employment, they are the real heros of today, they pick themselves up dush it off and move forward. So please love go wrong, that’s life move on. Sorry if I sound harsh, but I feel for the people left behind,

  • Dhruv

    Best of luck to karishma

  • Dhruv

    abe mera comment post kyun nahi hota???

  • Nipunika Thakur

    I also not belelive that actress jiya khan will suicide when i listen this news i am shock. Best of luck to her sister all are boys are like that breakup with girls they think that girls are like doll used them in wrong way always tell the problems to parents they are solving the [roblems not boyfriend and friends i always remember u.

  • bupesh

    when Ms dhoni gets retire the indian team also will get retire

  • Sajid ali

    Jiah khan was a young, beautiful talented actress. It is so sad that she died at a very young age. life is too short……