‘Jism 2′ is aam aadmi’s erotica!

‘Jism 2′ is aam aadmi’s erotica!

Claims Pooja Bhatt, director of the sizzling film starring Randeep Hooda, Arunoday Singh and porn star Sunny Leone

Given its adult content, Pooja Bhatt’s forthcoming release Jism 2 has been passed with an A certificate by the Central Board for Film Certification. Surprisingly, Pooja wanted it that way. “We applied for an ‘A’ because I am very clear that I want an ‘A’ and not a ‘U/A’. I am not making the film for children; it’s an adult film for adult sensibilities. The adult audience is a sizeable number and it is big enough for my film,” said the actor-turned-filmmaker in an interview.

Those who have watched the promos will swear by Jism2’s glossy looking erotica that promises to be high on tasteful titillation. But Pooja Bhatt thinks otherwise. “I don’t wish it to be an elite product. I am catering for the man on the streets and women who understand ‘the erotica’. It is an erotic sensual thriller…,” she added.

But hasn’t the film lost its bite after the mandatory intervention by the Censor Board, we wondered. “The Censor Board asked me to decrease the length of shots at four places or replace it with another one. I have not tampered with sensual content at all. I promise, apart from Jism 1, Jism 2 will be the most sensual film of our times and I assure that I will deliver that promise,” added the 40-year-old.

Pooja Bhatt’s endeavour for the aam aadmi is slated to be released on August 3. Bollywoodlifers, don’t forget mark the date on your filmi calendar!Subscribe to me on YouTube




    • sajjad

      now i feel im in paris…..

    • durgesh sharma

      chusna ka dam ha

  • ash

    ye sab sali bade star ki randiya hain. ye saala bhanduuwa hai jo apni hi beti ko aisi randi ki aawaj dene ke liye bol diya. ye saale agar aur paisa pa jaaye to shaayad hi apni ma ko chhode.

  • aman kumar

    ap ka sara andag acha ha par you are saxegirl nice time

  • ashly

    its all just discusting sunny leoni is the biggest stain on bolltwood industry

  • sushil

    i think this movie will be a hot movie, sunny leone is a hot an sexy bomb, ache ache ko thanda kar de

  • Rajesh

    Poor and helpless censor board v/s over-ambitious Pooja Bhatt.