JISM 2: Is Dino Morea using Sunny Leone?

Thu, March 15, 2012 1:35pm IST by
Posted Thu, March 15, 2012 1:35pm IST

Dino, who turns producer with Jism 2, has suddenly started taking an active interest in promoting the film even before the film has gone on the floor. His recent tactics involve getting a li’l too oily with famous porn star Sunny Leone

Dino Morea recently confessed in one of his interviews that Sunny Leone is good publicity material. He also went on to say the Leone has given the kind of publicity to the project that no other female actor in the industry could have managed to. We take these statements with a pinch of salt because, as a producer of the film, Dino is doing whatever it takes to keep the interest in the film alive and make the people involved in Jism 2 happy.And the one person who tops his list is Sunny Leone- who, for Dino, has turned out to be the goose that lays golden eggs. As she has been quite instrumental in garnering the much required publicity for the film, Dino is making sure he wields this sexy weapon called Leone, in the right way. Even if it requires him to wake up in the middle of the night or leave his important chores midway to attend to her! Last evening, when Sunny flew into Mumbai to start work on the film, Dino picked her up at the airport with the media in tow. Now that Leone is here and work for Jism 2 will start in full swing, we suggest that Dino spend more energy in helping her out with her thespian skills and her Hindi diction instead of working so hard on trying to impress her. That would at least make the movie he’s invested in, a tad more watchable! But wait…are we expecting a li’l too much here? ‘Coz Dino is not exactly known for his acting talent and his Hindi diction anyway!

Guess Dino is doing what he’s good at: shelling out the much needed moolah, attending to his leading lady and garnering as much publicity through her as he can!

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  • aaloo

    Dino Morea ex boyfriend of Bipasha latches on to the next sensation pretty quick :)

  • Bang

    hi sunny u r too sexy n hot 2u r realy so butiaeful i think ur the words most butiaeful girl i hav ever seen,im so crazy about you .it doesnt matter that where u comes from or wat u hav done in ur life but now u hav to present ur life in right way . my only wish that i will meet u ones i know that it may not possible reply to me is enough 4 me i love u n lots of kisses to my butiaeful dream girl n all the best 4 ur bright future

  • azhar

    sunny leone i love you meri jaan jab se mene jism2 daikhi hai mene 199 baar muth maar di tumhari laine ki khuaish hai mili tou