JISM 2: Pooja Bhatt thanks Censor Board for A certificate

The filmmaker is not shy about the content of her movie

The first look of Pooja Bhatt’s Jism 2 has been granted an A certificate by the Censor Board. This means she can’t promote the sexual content of her movie through trailers and songs on daytime television. But that hasn’t stalled Pooja one bit. She has decided to release the hottest trailers online instead of toning them down for TV audiences. Only the not-so-hot songs will make their way to your TV screens. Here’s what she has to say in a statement about Jism 2:

“Like I have inherited my genetic disposition, my face, my body, I have also inherited this supposed ‘culture’ that we all brandish and use like the most lethal weapon. I accept the limitations of my mind and body don’t I?

So I have to come to terms with this truth that the state will do everything in their power to ‘control’ and ‘manipulate’ to maintain a status quo while talking about the artist’s rights and freedom of speech etc.

But I refuse to point at a finger at the Censor board while conveniently forgetting that four of those fingers point squarely back at my mostly schizophrenic community, the film Industry that has no ‘stand’ of their own. I look around and am appalled by ‘adult’ film-makers who wish to then worm their way onto a prime-time family slot and want to with an amputated, watered down version of their original film, now pathetically try to sell their wares to the very audience they first claimed they were not interested in.

So am I upset with the Censor board? No! I thank them for creating this road-block with the Jism 2 first look promo as it forced me, my music company and marketing team to rethink our archaic way of promoting films.

“Irreverence is our only sacred cow,” it is said and that is why I have decided to NOT promote songs of Jism 2 where I simply cannot tone down the sexual content on television to an unsuspecting public. I will instead release it exclusively on the internet and social media where my core audience of thinking, passionate ADULTS can CHOOSE to view it, like it or reject it.

But yes what we do need is clarity. A clear set of directives which make crystal clear without prejudice what each film-maker must follow in order to obtain a U, U/A or A certificate. The problem today is that there is none of that and that lack of clarity is creating chaos and frustration. Those emotions are poison to any living goal.”