JISM 2 song: Now now only you have met!

JISM 2 song: Now now only you have met!

Abhi abhi loses a lot when the lyrics are translated from Hindi to English

We love the Jism 2 song Abhi abhi. KK’s rendition makes the lyrics sound sultry and sexy. But hold on, it’s that way only in Hindi. When we translated it literally into English – just for fun – it sounded more funny than sexy. Imagining Sunny Leone seducing Randeep Hooda and Arunoday Singh to these words had us guffawing. What about you?

Abhi abhi toh mile ho

Abhi naa karo chhootne ki baat

Abhi abhi toh pasand aaye ho

Abhi abhi roothne ki baat!

Now now only have met

Now don’t do leaving’s talk

Now now only like have come

Now now getting angry’s talk!


Abhi abhi toh roshni aayi

Abhi naa karo munh chhupane ki baat

Abhi abhi zindagi shuru hai…

Abhi abhi tham jaane ki baat!

Abhi toh haare maahiya re

Moonde naina, neend tihare

Now now only light came

Now don’t do face hiding’s talk

Now now life started has

Now now stop going’s talk!

Now only lost lover, hey

Closed eyes, but sleep lost

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  • Sonia

    WHY do you do these stupid translation thingg???
    Realy its very annoying!! offcourse the lyrics will lose their charm.. Its COMMON Sense! Which you guys certainly DONT have..

    PLEASE stop these annoying irritating posts about translating stuff from hindi to english..

  • Kabir

    This the worst translation i’ve ever read.

    really irritating…

  • Kabir

    This is the worst translation i’ve ever read.

    really irritating…

  • Sia

    hahahahahahahahaha…I had to send a transalation of this song to my friend…I searched and found this…
    acche khaase gaane ki laga di!!! hahahahhahaha

  • JD (jagda daku)

    this was a really funky funny can’t stop laughingly aabhi abhi now now kiikikhikhi