Jodha Akbar: Akbar takes social service of his people seriously

All thanks to Jodha, Akbar has finally understood the responsibility of ruling a kingdom

Akbar (Rajat Tokas) believed that he was a good king until Jodha (Paridhi Sharma) showed him the mirror and unraveled the delusional world he lived in. Taking her advice seriously, the king learns about a 14 year old girl being forced to marry a man twice her age.

Akbar takes things into his hand and decides to investigate the matter himself with the help of Jodha instead of relying on his henchmen. He decides to put an end to the regressive tradition of child marriage in his kingdom. He disguises himself as a choodiwala (bangle seller) to find out who is forcing the little kid into marriage. The truth leaves him stunned and fuming with anger. Apparently, it is none other than his evil step-brother Adham Khan who is forcing marriage upon the poor girl by offering her greedy father the lure of riches. Will Akbar manage to save the girl and teach Adham a lesson remains to be seen.

Rajat Tokas as the ‘choodiwala’ is a stark departure from his usual look of Emperor Akbar. Wearing a long robe and sporting a scraggly beard, the actor looks quite convincing. About this special sequence, Rajat said, “I had no idea what a choodiwala back in the Mughal era looked like until I donned this unique attire. I quite enjoyed getting into this character as it was quite different in terms of get-up, body language, demeanor and style of dialogue delivery. It is intriguing that an emperor should go to such great lengths to get to the bottom of a serious issue and take a strong stand against malpractices in his kingdom. The subject of child marriage is a very interesting track on the show and has captivated the audience’s attention.”

Akbar will be seen taking on his role as a ruler more seriously and showing concern for his people will definitely win him brownie points with Jodha. The two will get closer to each other in the course of this mission, but how close only time will tell.

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