Jodha Akbar: Rajat Tokas earns the title of Akbar!

The makers of Jodha Akbar are taking the level of entertainment a notch higher

Zee TV’s Jodha Akbar seems to have moved beyond Paridhi Sharma and Rajat Tokas’ sizzling chemistry and lovemaking scenes. The makers are trying to make this hit historical TV show more intense and story based, it seems.

Like in the recent episode, we see how Jalal (Rajat) earns the title of Akbar. After the defeat of Himu, the Mughal palace starts the celebration of the victory of Mughals in India. Salima (Manisha Yadav) puts a crown on Jalal’s head. Jodha (Paridhi) tells Jalal that he has to take all his chief ministers to the common mass.

However, when they attend the common mass and distribute the coin that is prepared by Tejwant, there is a furore by the Maulavis, who strongly refuse accepting the coin that carries a Hindu symbol. But then Jalal shows them that the coin also carries the religious symbol of Islam, so if they throw it, they will be insulting Islam.

Jalal explains that there can be no religion above humanity. He mentions that he took birth in the house of a Hindu. If the person refused to give him shelter at that time, he would have not been where he is. The Hindus greet him for giving respect to their identity. They give him the title Akbar—which means one and only one.

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