Jodha Akbar: Will Jodha catch Benazir red handed?

The woman came to Agra with the agenda to kill Shahenshah

Benazir (Meghna Naidu) is a vishkanya (poison girl) who has come to Agra to kill Akbar (Rajat Tokas) and cripple his kingdom. She has managed to infiltrate his harem and come close to him.

While Akbar doesn’t really love Benazir, he knows that she makes Jodha (Paridhi Sharma) jealous. Therefore, he always tries to get close to her, compliments Benazir on her beauty and compares her to the princess of Amer to make her envious.

Jodha on the other hand cannot tolerate Akbar and Benazir’s closeness. In addition to that, she begins to have her doubts about Benazir and her motives of being in Agra. Jodha also learns that someone is going to make an attempt of taking the king’s life. She warns Akbar, but he pays no heed to her comments.

Akbar’s brother, Mirza Hakim informs Jodha about the vishkanyas and this somehow makes Jodha even more vary of Benazir. Will Jodha manage to rescue Akbar in time? Will Akbar see through Benazir’s face and realise that his life is in danger?

Well according to a little birdie from the sets, we hear that Jodha will come to know about Benazir’s real side and will save Akbar’s life again. This will bring Akbar and Jodha closer to each other.

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