Jodhaa Akbar TV review: Rajat Tokas rules!

Jodhaa Akbar Tv Review
Yogen Shah

The new show is a love story about a political marriage of convenience between the Mughal emperor Akbar and the Rajput princess, Jodha

The story of Jodha and Akbar is not new to anyone who has watched Ashutosh Gowarikar’s Jodha Akbar starring Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, or those in tune with Indian history. Their love story is considered to be an epic that changed the dynamics of the Mughal empire and the course of Indian history.

But Zee TV’s Jodhaa Akbar claims to be purely fictional and has very little to do with facts. The queen of soaps insists that the period drama is 80 percent fact and 20 percent folklore. Ekta Kapoor’s bold attempt to make a historical show like this may have been thought to be foolish at first, but after watching the daily soap, we must say it is impressive.

The story begins with Jalaluddin Mohammad successfully waging war to expand the Mughal empire. Under the guidance of Bairam Khan – the general of the Mughal army – Jalal earns the reputation of being a ruthless and heartless conqueror. Jalal’s mother Hamida Banu Begum believes that her son is overly influenced by Bairam and Maham Anga – Jalal’s foster mother. Even some of the political decisions he takes are contorted and wrongly presented, she thinks.

However, Jalal is loyal to Bairam as well as to Maham Anga and doesn’t believe in anything that anyone has to say against them. The only exception to this stand is his first and favourite wife, Ruqaiya Sultan Begum. But things are going to change soon, fate dictates. Jalal’s next political aim is to conquer the Rajput dynasties – top on the list is the kingdom of Amer.

But even before he gets to Amer, he hears stories about princess Jodha and her beauty. Intrigued by all the talk, he decides to check her out for himself. The Mughal emperor is soon besotted by Jodha’s beauty, brains and bravery. He makes up his mind to make her a part of his harem by any which way possible.

We all know the story of Jodha Akbar, but Ms Kapoor attempts to give it a different spin – which we like. The first scene of the soap shows the souls of Akbar and Jodha in present times, standing near their joint grave, romancing. Now that was indeed novel.

We liked the war sequences; in fact, some worked better than those shown in the movie. The sets that have been recreated to give the feel of the Mughal and Rajput dynasties looked commendably impressive. However, the costumes and jewellery used in the show could have had more finesse to look grander.

While the story is interesting, the dialogues are a major letdown. The words used don’t really give the 16th century feel. Even the songs in the show seem quite modern; however, we like the background score used whenever Akbar thinks of Jodha.

Rajat Tokas, who played the role of Prithviraj Chauhan, manages to nail the character of Akbar to a T. His expressions and body language make you fall in love with the character and hate him too. Paridhi Sharma as Jodha lacks the stance of a queen. She doesn’t come across as the ultimate embodiment of beauty either. However, giving her the benefit of the doubt, we believe Rajat and Paridhi will have a good chemistry, when it happens.

Rumour is that Smilie Surie is only doing a guest appearance in the show as Ruqaiya Sultan Begum; frankly, we think that’s a very wise decision. The actor is probably one of worst possible choices for such a pivotal role. Besides having no chemistry with Rajat, Smilie’s dialogue delivery is beyond indigestible.

Ashwini Kalsekar, who plays the sly and manipulative Maham Anga, was a brilliant choice. The actor’s expressions are enough to set the mood of the scene, which we like. Naved Aslam – who was previously seen as a vampire in Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani – does a fabulous job as the shrewd and conniving Bairam Khan.

All in all, Jodhaa Akbar is definitely a good show, but has a lot of scope for improvement. Rajat is the star of this one. The upcoming romance between Jodha and Akbar will definitely keep the audiences hooked. Are you watching it?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Sabrina

    Absolutely.:-) This show is my favourite show becz of Rajat.Great job by all actors!!!

  • lopa

    I like rajat tokas since I was only ten and he was thirteen. I am watching the show only for him although I didn’t like paridhi as jodhaa


      very good even i thik so

    • chaitra

      you are right paridhi doesn’t have the princess beauty.wrong choice of ekta kapoor

      • Taran

        Shutup oye! Pagal! Paridhi is perfect as jodha. Jada na bol.

    • juni swarnkar

      u like rajat and not paridhi . that’s not good . both the actors r my favourite and u should also like them

  • Amnt

    This is a horrible show. Such a waste of time and if there is no historical facts, why is anyone watching it?

    • anjali

      tumhe kya problam hai.tum he kr lo na ye show,agar tumhe itne pare hai to, tumhe to show melega he ni,go to hell

    • laalaa

      c’mon..this is an epic tv shw, u r just not able to see it. this amazing story should be loved by everyone. and this is not to teach history, this is for entertainment, if you are so into history, then there are other sources for u to know history…just try and enjoy this beautiful love story…… :p

  • tuhina

    I js luv d shw…I eagerly wait to watch paridhi n rajat…dey both r doing awasome….

  • Nikki

    This show is terrible. First of they need to correct the star ‘s names in the tv guide. Secondly they need to take it off the air.

    • anjali

      firstly plz change your name. coz it is teerible.not the show.

  • poonam

    i like this show rajat and paridhi looks too gud in this specially paridhi eyes so sweet. she looks briliant

    • anjali singh

      I like this show……..specially I lv Rajat smile…….he looks so cute and sweet………

  • pooja

    Rajat tokas is looking different this time but like before now also he is looking perfect as akbar jodha also nice..the main thing is that ekta kapoor has expressed the situation in such way everybody like it..congrats ekta mam.

  • pooja

    rajat tokas was best as prithviraj chauhan and now again he is perfect as akbar..paridhi also nice but the main thing is that ekta kapoor has expressed the situation in such a way that everbody love it . congrats ekta mam.

  • pooja

    It’s a very very good presentation of ekta kapoor. Rajat is perfect paridhi is nice.

  • hannah

    yes….Rajat is too good…and even other actors dis is my favourite show…

  • Rubi patel

    This show is my favourite show & i like u paridhi & rajat

  • pragya

    guys u r doing very well …….. i m loving it<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • javed khan

    kya app log history ka mazaq bana rahe he.hum bachcho ko esa bewakuf akbar bataenge…band kijiye ye.bataen to dachchai bataen.

    • Shruti Tokas 521


    • madhavi

      auro ka to pata nahi lekin sayde aap ne serial ko banana mazaq samj rahe hai.
      aur kya problem hai rajad me he has the atitude of an Emperor.

    • crazy for rajat

      shut up.. tum bewakhuf ho mera rajat nahi.. if you dont like the show then dont watch.. kisne tujhe force kiya.. stupid!!

    • madhurima

      you shut up

  • lucky

    its very nice show
    pair is soo perfect
    but if we miss show in t.v show can we see in mobile any update plz

  • lucky

    its very nice show
    how can we see it in mobile any update

  • princess

    Ekta mam,can u plz make akbar fall for jodhaa soon..? I luv dis show and plz dont leave it incomplete..



  • Diva

    I love this new soap I watch it every night and I think both person acting for joha and akbar suit and the cemetery is good the suit it !

  • ammu

    i like this show very much pls dont stop the show…………

  • Shruti Tokas 521


  • Kripa vyas

    Hi. rajat

  • Nalini

    good looking

  • Raies pathan

    Yr really akbar mst lgta h nd jodha akbar is a beautiful,fntastic show on zeetv…

  • priyank24

    I love this “jodhaa Akbar” show…and my whole family love this too.And my this is our favourite show nd my family ,ekta kapoor done a fab job,we want to thank her for this.

  • Sanghati Mondal

    I don’t what Isay…..
    Rajat I realy like u…from u’r 1st tv show “How’s that” after “dharam veer” then “tere liye”…and now “jodha akbar”..well done job…God Bless you…

  • pragya

    i only watch this serial nd i m lving it so plz ekta mam do not leave it incomplete in any way……….b..

  • hamna

    Jodha is very cute .rajat is awesome

  • Prarik

    Akbar doesn’t suits with real roll! He is bit tinny and acting over which shows extra igoist , even he is over acting everywhere in showcase .

    Dressing sceance is really good by team , but if ekta appoint some other
    Guy as Akbar that will be best.

    As ever one have seen hritik as Akbar , so rajat seems bit down and viewers expecting some good personality

  • bhawna

    nic show!just luvs the actin of both main leads,diologues are mesmerize.awesome show .

  • Sandy

    Paridhi is best Jodhaa ever saw. Im too waiting for the love. Nc job keep it up.
    Yes paridhi is the best

  • madhurima

    You are mad Lopa and chaitra. Paridhi is beautiful,gorgeous and her eyes speak.I think that you know that Paridhi was chosen because of her beautiful and life giving eyes.

  • madhurima

    Ekta mam please do not stop this show just because of any political parties.Many children love this serial.

  • uma

    i like Rajat so much and paridhi also.the show is the best

  • yamini

    i like the show. i never miss it. storyline is perfect and all the actors are brilliant.

  • yamini

    lovely show.

  • sarah

    i love love love this show soooo much, just can’t wait to see them fall in love

  • oindrilla Basu sen

    Tomorrow wl b a rocking episode…. Omg…. Finally Akbar s goin 2 conface his love n dat 2 b4 rukaiyaaaaa…. Nw asli maaza will cum…. Am just njoying it, u guys also…..

    • gulam gaush


  • Chinwe

    I’m from Nigeria…and I watch this show constantly…I love it! Both actor playing akbar and jodha are perfect! The chemistry between them is undeniable. They might not be big time actors but they did justice to the serial. Pls d lady playing jodha is pretty enough most times royality aren’t that pretty so she perfect to me. Thanks

  • Christina

    I like dis show a lot n I even request the ekta man to not leave dis show incomplete. And a very great salute to rajat n paridi for all they have done

  • Christina

    a very great salute to rajat n paridi for all they have done

  • neha

    It is the best serial that Ekta Kapoor made. I m extremely crazy abt it and can’t afford to miss it…….I like Akbar the most…….I must say that Rajat Tokas is best than Hritik Roshan…

  • Priyanka

    you r really cool Rajat(Akbar)!!!!!!!!!! & UR Begum Jodha– –Rukaiya……….

  • Priyanka dubey

    Rajat tokas was best as prithviraj chauhan & now again he is good as akbar .rajat & paridhi u r awesome

  • shubham dubey

    Hiii… Ye natak mere ko accha nii lagta h..

  • rani meena

    ye natk mujhe bhot achha lagta I love this show and rajat or pridhi I like this

  • rani meena

    I love this show and i like rajat and pridhi i can not miss this show and i like so much jodh (pridhi)

  • rani meena

    I love this show and i like rajat and pridhi i can not miss this show and i like so much jodh (pridhi) and i het rajat

  • rani meena

    I love this show and i like rajat and pridhi i can not miss this show and i like so much jodh (pridhi) and i het rajat hiiiiii ye natk to thik nhi blki achha hai

  • Subarna choudhury

    Dis show is jst awesome. I have never missed any episode.paridhi n rajat u both r mindblowing.jst loveeee dis show

  • Avnee

    I like to watch jodha akbar,infact this is my most favourate .but unfortunatly i can’t watch it because of timing of d show.i wl be free at 6 :30 pm and at 7:30 pm i hav to go for d job .so dat it becomes difficult .can any one please help me out.if possible the repeate telecast at 6 :30 pm.plz

  • Bilquis

    Agreed,some attention to grandeur and detail of sets is lacking,esp dresses of other team actors, palace gardens waterworks etc.lead actors need to look fit and toned not fat and paunchy ;compared with the look of June episodes or 2011.acting is superb esp body language & expressions of the lead pair rajat tokas ,paridhi,lavina & support cast.Some very different situations to other historic serials on TV. Avoid repition of situations and dialogues,now at least a shahi boat -16 century kings were full of shaunoshukat .good reconstruction,music etc…should sound more authentic esp instruments used.Maha episodes will pace the story better.
    A very good attempt and definitely worth the wait for Mondays .should upload the full episode ASAP.

  • JD Dada Boy

    poora ulta seedha bata rehe hai.
    being a hindu i am embarassed at how bad all muslims are casted and all hindus good.
    comeone get with it.
    these were some best years of india – with Muslim Raj!!