JODI BREAKERS poster: Bipasha Basu looks taller than Madhavan!


The first official poster of Jodi Breakers has us breaking our heads over what the makers and the two lead actors want to say

Pairing two actors with opposite images can always be risky. Even more when you are Ashwini Chaudhary (the director of Good Boy, Bad Boy) and making your first big budget romantic comedy. We were initially hopeful it will work. R Madhavan and Bipasha Basu seemed to be hitting it off very well in the movie stills. But after taking a look at the poster, we are beginning to have our doubts about the film. If buzz is to be believed, Jodi Breakers is a lot like the French film L’arnacœur (Heart Breaker) where the hero is hired by the heroine’s father to stop her from marrying a man he feels is unsuitable for her. The hero is suave and charming, and actually runs a business specialising in breaking up couples. Only in this case, he falls in love with the lady. If that’s the story here too then we wonder if Madhavan can be the suave charming hero and that too opposite the sultry Bipasha. Another thing we don’t understand is, why in the world does the poster have Bips looking taller than Maddy? Was that deliberate? Or is it a photo-editing job gone wrong? The poster surely doesn’t inspire us to watch the film or eagerly wait for it to release this February. Does it work for you? Tell us!

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