John Abraham: I feel like breaking down and crying

Fitness freak John Abraham is on a weight loss program for his upcoming movie, Shootout at Wadala

John Abraham is on a diet that allows him to eat nothing apart from raw fish and sushi just to get into the skin of Manya Surve, a character he will be playing in Sanjay Gupta’s Shootout at Wadala. The notorious gangster Manya was killed in one of the first police encounters of the ’80s. And to play the role John has to lose around 20kgs. “Manya Surve has to look really lean in the first 20 minutes of the film, till he gets into jail and starts working out. So my character has to go through an actual physical transformation in the film,” John said in an interview. While losing and gaining weight for movies is a trend now, the task gets much tougher for John who is suffering from acute muscle malfunction, a condition where stressing his muscles could adversely affect his brain and neurological system. “At times I feel like breaking down and crying. People always talk about losing weight but it is a very difficult process. If not supervised properly, it can go really wrong. But thankfully my trainer Vinod Channa has been religiously working with me on it,” the actor said.

What’s more, along with rigorous diets and fitness programs the actor even has to squeeze Marathi lessons into his schedule. “John has never used rough languages in his films so far. I want him to have the basic knowledge of colloquial Marathi as it will help him grasp the minute details of his character,” director Sanjay Gupta, said in an interview. It sure looks like a lot of pain and hard work for John but guess only time will tell if all that work has paid off or not. Till then we have our fingers crossed.