John Abraham: I hope I have daughters!

The actor feels he hasn’t been a good son to his mom. And that’s why when he starts his own family, he would love to have a cute beti rather than a naughty beta

“I’ve not been the greatest son to my mom. We fight and argue all the time. But Zarinaji (Zarina Wahab, who plays his mother in I, Me Aur Main) treated me like a son, so she was a superb mother. I would want to believe that I’m a good son, but I think I fall short. I feel because of this profession, you become a people pleaser. You’re always trying to create an impression everywhere you go. If I stop and be myself, I think that will make me a better person. When I start a family, I hope I have daughters because they are cute, sweet and sit so quietly. A boy would be running all over the place, banging the TV…. Girls are more shaant (quiet).”

– John Abraham 

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