John Abraham: I will direct a big budget film with newcomers

After playing the producers role, John is all set to turn to direction

John Abraham wants to change the Khan phenomenon in Bollywood. The actor who launched Ayushmann Khurrana in the sleeper success Vicky Donor is now willing to take up bigger challenges. John now wants to turn a director with a difference, “I will direct a big budget film with newcomers. I don’t know why studios don’t make big budget films with newcomers! We need to support them, why do we only make big budget films with only top five actors, why aren’t we getting mature? We all need to come out of that” the actor said in a recent interview. While John’s has lofty plans, we wonder how many investors would share John’s enthusiasm. The actor is not sure when he will don the director’s hat, “But for sure, I want to direct films. Whenever the right time comes, I will get into it.”

How we wish John would concentrate more on his acting projects in hand than on his directorial dreams. After all neither has Johnny boy got cash registers ringing at the box-office like Salman Khan nor has he won critical acclaim like Aamir Khan!