John Abraham shows off girlfriend Priya Runchal officially!

John Abraham shows off girlfriend Priya Runchal officially!

The beefy actor who has guarded girlfriend Priya from the media until now finally takes it easy

John Abraham wasn’t so protective when he was seeing Bipasha Basu. That was probably because Bips was used to handling the media.Or, more importantly, it did a whole lot of good to their brand value! But after the hunk started dating the non-filmy Priya Runchal, he has been quite protective, at times even physically guarding the poor girl!

However, this week at the GQ Awards, the actor was spotted showing off his pretty partner and blushing uncontrollably in front of the shutterbugs! And the couple looked like a million bucks – John all bulked up while Priya looking elegant and slender in a bright red dress. Makes one think, why was he hiding her all this while! Obviously, the hoopla around his break up and the controversy surrounding his relationship with Priyanka had to die down before he could come out in the open, right?

And, although the duo made an appearance together, he did not let Priyanka speak with the media. When the time came for media bytes, John quietly told Priyanka to leave! Sneaky, eh?

We wonder what gave John the new found confidence to go all out to declare his love? A little birdie told us the couple has quietly tied the knot in a temple and are keeping it under wraps.

Anyway, after this week’s appearance, it is clear that John is slowly becoming comfortable appearing in public with Priya. Well, keep it up John. In any case, you can run but you can’t hide! Guess we’ll just have to wait a little longer before we can get to speak to your special girl!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • buzz

    Filmy folk bed with the media because they want to use and misuse the media to hype up a false image, inflate lies, sham people and have the media carry their paid articles on disgusting armpits or nose digs or toothaches or toilets. The media that waits to interview a Rakhi Sawant is definitely not the one that we should worry about. It would be mature of John to loosen up, stop being so conscious of the media and treat it in the most casual and objective way -just communicate the key messages that need to be out there otherwise dont bother. A lot of important people around the world just say “My office will issue a statement” PERIOD. So he need not protect Priya from media and it is not necessary to keep the wedding under wraps – by not declaring he is creating more complications and making life more difficult for Priya.

  • Ralph

    WHAT is wrong with this guy? She looks fkin nasty.

  • hanes

    It is known that some actors prepare, reherse and even give prior questions to paid media scribes to be able to deliver scripted answers, float scripted messages ironically claiming to be honest and spontaneous all the time and misguide others from out of the industry preoccupied with a 1000 things to speak extempore, make mistakes, talk unprepared, being caught off guard to make a fool of themselves..and then they get a sadistic pleasure in that. But John is a nice guy and takes great care of his lady love.