John Abraham throws a bike!

Sometimes our film folk can go a little overboard while promoting their film. This time the Force actor had to throw away his object of great affection – a bike. How did John Abraham say ‘yes’ to that?

We don’t know if the producers of John Abraham’s action flick Force were trying to save money, cos the brawny actor seemed to be the unofficial host at the promotional event of his forthcoming film. We must say that he did a good job of it though. Anyway soon after Force director Nishikant Kamat gave a sneak preview of the film to the media, he called his action hero on stage. And guess what? The 88-kilo John walked in carrying a 100cc motorbike over his head. We understand that he wanted to show-off his strong muscles, but what we saw next really took us by surprise. The actor threw the bike away! Why would he throw one of his favourite things in the world? Before the media got confused further, we figured that the brawny actor makes a similar entry in the film. Of course, a curious journalist did point out that it was sacrilegious considering that he loves bikes so much. John promptly said, “Please don’t say that. It hurts me too, but I had to throw the bike as it was the requirement for the film.” Okay, if he insists! After this stunt the actor took the mike and introduced each cast and crew member of Force. Even during the Q & As, the brawny actor insisted on playing a mediator between the cast and media. Well, we know that he was trying to be nice, wethinks it’s a little rude to take away the limelight from the others! Like a couple of times when his co-stars, models turned actors- Vidyut Jamwal & Ameet Gaur –were at loss of words John butted in and rescued them. Anyway the bigger grouse of the evening still remains: how could John throw a bike, not once, but twice!