John Abraham wins ‘Desi Boyz’ director’s challenge

When shooting for a film like Desi Boyz, there are many moments of madness. In one such instance the brawny actor took up a dare posed to him by debut director, Rohit Dhawan

When Bollywood men come together expect lots of craziness and that exactly was the scene on the sets of Akshay Kumar and John Abraham’s Desi Boyz. For a romantic track between Deepika Padukone and John in the film, the model-turned-actor had to stay in a minivan for an entire night outside Deepika’s house. After the shoot sequence, for a lark, the film’s director Rohit Dhawan challenged the burly actor to stay in a minivan in real life too. And guess what? John took up the challenge and won it too. He stayed back in the van whereas others, including his staff, went back to the hotel after a hectic shoot schedule but not John. A source from the sets confirms the story. He says, “The minivan is so tiny that a single person can barely take five steps in either direction. As a joke Rohit dared John to spend a night in the van. The next morning, when the cast and crew returned for the shoot from their hotels, they were stunned to see John sitting outside the van on a chair with his cup of coffee that he made on his own!” Does that mean John loves challenges? Then how about we challenge him to improve his acting skills? Win that one and then we’ll bow down to him.