John Abraham’s one and only love in ‘Desi Boyz’

The only thing the India’s sexiest bachelor really loves from the bottom of his heart is his mean machine, which is why he recently he got his bike transported from Mumbai to London for a sequence in the film

John shares a love-hate relationship with bikes. First he mercilessly flings them around and then he finds it hard to live without them. Just a couple of days ago we witnessed Mr Abraham use all his muscle power to throw bikes while promoting his recent movie Force. But now the actor is singing a different tune. Recently while shooting for Desi Boyz, the beefcake insisted that he use his cool Yamaha V-Max for a particular scene. Even when the director insisted that they will manage with some other bike, John was hell-bent on getting his precious Yamaha V-Max on board. And, of course, Rohit Dhawan (the director of the movie) happily obliged by transporting the Dhoom actor’s favourite machine from Mumbai to London. The actor has always been very forthcoming when it comes to expressing his love for his mean machines. Recently on a show, John was so smitten by the sound that his bike engine made that he recorded it on his mobile phone and declared that this ‘amazingly cool noise’(as described by him) is going to be his ring tone from now on. Well, we are aware of this hottie’s self-confessed love for mean machines and we are sure that the desi boy is going to go all out to flaunt his prized possession on screen.


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