John and Bipasha go back to old buddies

Post-breakup, the couple is busy making up with all those industry-folk who were a strict no-no while they were seeing each other. Adding a nice twist to the tale, John Abraham is eager to work with Vidya Balan while Bipasha Basu is trying to mend fences with Salman Khan

If you guys think John Abraham and Bipasha Basu are still sulking over their breakup, you are mistaken. In fact, the duo is busy making the most of their single-hood. If you remember correctly, John and Bipasha were a couple with loads of conditions attached to their relationship. After John made an enemy out of Salman Khan, Bips could not even think of acknowledging Sallu. And Bipasha had threatened John against having anything to do with Priyanka Chopra (remember they were linked during the making of Karam?), and subsequently Vidya Balan (during Salaam-e-Ishq) and Katrina Kaif (at the time of New York), after the rumours about his steaming affair with these leading ladies became the talk of the town. But things have changed now. Since the two are no longer together, they have decided to build bridges with certain industry folk they maintained a distance from. So taking the initiative John has expressed his eagerness to work with Vidya in Shootout At Wadala – except that Vids still has not agreed to do the film. Now this comes after years of avoiding questions related to Vidya and saying “no comments” whenever caught in the V-spot. We wouldn’t be surprised then if John expresses his wish to sign a film with Priyanka next! Bipasha has already done her bit by befriending Priyanka’s ex, Shahid Kapoor. Now that’s a good one, isn’t it? And if what a little birdie told us is indeed true, this Bong beauty’s next step is to mend fences with Salman Khan. Since she is no longer seeing his big foe John, Sallu bhai shouldn’t mind it either. And who knows, we could soon see John refresh his friendship with Sallu’s ex-girlfriend Kat too! Now, whether this is a way of making the ex-partner jealous or whether the two are trying to get back at each other, is anybody’s guess. Our guess is that the love birds are finally breaking free, no restrictions and no conditions. Don’t be surprised if there are new twists to the equations in Bollywood even before you read this. You might spot Bips at the next Sallu bash and you could hear fresh stories of John’s link-ups with Piggy Chops. In B-town, you never say never!