John is too heavy for Genelia

The petite Genlia D’Souza had a tough time shooting a romantic scene with the beefy John Abraham

The beefy guy-petite girl combination may look very appealing, but the one person who had to bear the brunt of John’s weight (which keeps increasing with every passing day) is none other than Genelia who almost got squashed by the hunk. The onscreen couple was supposed to do a romantic scene in which John had to be on the top and get all mushy with his lady love. Unfortunately for Genelia, all the romance went down the drain after she got crushed by the actor’s weight. The ‘make out’ scene turned out to be a disaster and all muscle man John did was apologise. Now we don’t know if the scene finally got executed but we surely do sympathise with poor Genelia. Probably next time the director should cast someone who can endure the bulky John. We just hope Genelia didn’t get too squashed after all the ‘heavy’ duty scenes!