Johnny Lever: Pankaj Dheer’s My Father Godfather is a fantastic film

Bollywood’s long standing funny man talks about his personal life and why his upcoming film is very unique

Johnny Lever has been an exemplary funny man in the Indian film industry since the 1980s. He has been making us guffaw on his jokes and antics till date. Directors in the ‘90s used to say that getting Johnny’s dates was way more difficult than getting Amitabh Bachchan and Govinda’s dates. We met up with the comedian on the sets of his upcoming film My Father Godfather and he opened up his heart to us.

Why did you agree to do this film?

It is a very interesting film. Plus Pankaj Dheer is a very old friend of mine. I have known Pankaj from 1977-78, way before I joined the film industry. We both are also together in CINTAA. So he came up to me one day with this role in his debut Hindi directorial venture, and said “Johnnyji aapko yeh role karna hi hai”. And once he said ‘karna hi hai’ I knew that I had to do the role. So I did it and Pankajji has done a fabulous work as the director. His vision for the film is very unique and also the story is about the present day scenario. So I agreed to do the film.

Tell us about your role in the film

I am playing the character of an eccentric film producer. He makes all sorts of weird films with strange titles. It would be very funny to watch. Also I have worked with Sharad Malhotra and Kratika Sengar in the film and their interactions with this unusual producer makes the character even funnier to play. I just simply had a ball of a time while shooting the film.

Why did we see you in lesser films post 2000?

It is true that I did a lot of films in the ‘90s and getting my dates was difficult. But all that changed when I saw my kids looking at me with suspicion every night. I used to leave early for shoots and come back late in the night and my kids started thinking as to who is this man who keeps entering our mother’s bedroom every night and then leaves all hustle-bustle in the morning. So I decided to give more dates at home and less on sets.

BollywoodLifers, you can catch the entire candid chat with the witty Johnny Lever below. He made us laugh throughout the length of the interview with some of his jokes. In his quintessential comic sense he told us a small incident as to why his kids stopped recognising him and how the new age stand-up comedians are different than him. So go ahead peeps, watch this entire funny tête-à-tête with Johnny bhai and let us know your thoughts.