Juhi Parmar: Not sure what to do with Rs 1 crore!

The Bigg Boss 5 winner is yet to figure out what to do with the prize money; she’s just happy that she can finally go to sleep during the day

Juhi Parmar is getting ready for several days of continuous partying. “Of course there will be parties, but I am just happy I can finally sleep in the daytime without barking dogs waking me up. That’s how it was in the Bigg Boss house,” she laughs. Juhi became the second woman to win a Bigg Boss season and you would think she had already made plans on how to spend the prize money of Rs 1 crore. But Juhi isn’t that materialistic.“I don’t know what I will do with the money, actually,” she says, but after thinking about it a minute, she adds, “I think I will do something such that it will be there for my children in the future.” She also accepted that she does give away large sums of money to charity often, but refused to divulge any details. “I don’t publicise my charity work,” she says firmly. “But I will say that if God has given you more than you need to live well, even luxuriously, then it would be a kind thing to do if you gave away some of it to those who don’t have enough even for basic necessities.”

During the show, Juhi always did what she thought was the ‘right’ thing to do. That was the case with her minor fights with Siddharth Bhardwaj and Amar Upadhyay too. “With Siddharth, all I want to say is that if you don’t like anyone telling you that you haven’t done your job, then don’t give them such an opportunity. As for Amar, I never said he misbehaved with me. I only said that he gets so involved in the task and is so determined to win it, that he tends to forget that the other person might not be comfortable with what he is doing.” However, she also had her moments of insecurity. “Everyone else was always fighting and I thought they were drawing the focus of the viewers, while I was quietly washing dishes. I was worried I might be forgotten and would ask anyone who visited the house from outside what were the viewers’ reactions about me.” Another point of worry for her was her weight. “I had gained a lot of weight due to my thyroid problem. I did not want to compromise on the roles I was getting, so I took a break from work for a year and decided to work on myself. I had lost ten kilos before I entered the house and lost the rest while I was in the house. I wanted to come back with a bang and I have done that with Bigg Boss 5.”

Juhi may sound confident, but you know what they say about actions speaking louder than words! Immediately after she said this, she posed for a female photojournalist. Once it was done, Juhi took a look at it in the camera’s screen, smiled and commented, “I have really lost a lot of weight!” But gained more than just a few pounds in the process with her win!