Julie sequel to star newbie Sakshi Chaudhary!

Will the new hottie on the block surpass the original Julie baba Neha Dhupia’s oomph?

Back in 2004, Neha Dhupia created quite a furore by playing a prostitute in Deepak Shivdasani’s Julie. Now the director is back with a sequel starring Sakshi Chaudhary. Julie 2 is likely to be a story of an actress, not a prostitute.

“Considering how controversial and steamy Neha Dhupia’s role was in Julie, Sakshi was apprehensive about the role. But then she heard her character in ‘Julie 2’ and flipped for it,” said a source. Sakshi says she was apprehensive initially.

“But when I heard the script, I agreed at once. It is a very performance-oriented film. Certainly not the kind of character a newcomer gets to play,” said the newbie, who has no issues with skin show. “It is a glamorous role. But nothing vulgar about it,” she added.

According to a source, Sakshi would be required to do many bold scenes, including one where she is likely to be seen riding a motorcycle wearing a bikini,” says the source.

Asked which of her films Julie 2 or Hera Pheri 3 would get released first, Sakshi said: “I’ve signed Hera Pheri 3 first and I’ve signed four other films which I can’t talk about as per the contracts. Whichever film is completed first would be released first.”