Kabir Bedi to feature in new TV show Buddha on Zee TV

Kabir Bedi to be featuring in Buddha on Zee Tv

The first shot of the mythological show was taken on the occasion of Buddha Purnima at the Film City in Mumbai

Being produced by Spice Global, Buddha is based on the life of Prince Siddhartha and his transition from being a prince to Buddha. Calling Buddha a personal commitment to himself, BK Modi, Global Chairman, Spice Global, said “Buddha is perhaps the most important personality to have been born in the recorded history of India and we are sparing no effort in making this special. Today’s youth has to be free from all prejudices and hypocrisy. They need to connect with the youth globally to spread the message of non-violence and equality.”

He added, “We have put together a very competent cast and are close to finding the actor who is going to play the role of Buddha. This epic will help the youth to be fearless and move confidently for success in their lives.” The first shot of the serial was delivered by actors Kabir Bedi and Sameer Dharmadhikari, who play important roles in the serial.Subscribe to me on YouTube


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  • Nish Jha

    How can they make a serial on boudha of whose they didn’t know the birth place? He was born in Lumbini of Nepal and Whole world knows it.

  • ganesh

    what the hell are u talking about

    “Buddha is perhaps the most
    important personality to have been
    born in the recorded history of
    India ”
    don’t you know buddha was born in Nepal and not in india.how could you post such a nonesense.If it is intentional then you will not be able to change the history with the words.

  • Namita

    Hw dumb!!!

    You making a show without knowing the history!!!

    chk out anywhere…u “ll knw the truth where lord buddha was born…nt in india in NEPAL.

    how can u even start a she without ny information!!!

    n u tell urself a director!!!!!!!

  • Nishan

    Buddha was born in nepal not in india — the serial u r casting is all fake

  • Gurkha

    Hey u indians don’t u know that Buddha was born in Nepal u are claming wrong that is untrue u can jst go to Google and See where was Buddha born dont encourage Nepal to do something wrong so beaware

  • Newith

    this is what u all indian are… always dominating.. vain… every 1 knows Buddha was born in Nepal.. u 2 know it.. but no u all wont accept it coz u all dont hav guts 2 accept truth.. this is how u were born n what u were taught by british.. I accept that u all r economically strong… this doesnt mean that u go on blowing ur hot air on us. we r small but yet happy.. u people hav many others thing 2 share.. jus leave buddha… BUDDHA WAS BORN IN NEPAL NOT IN INDIA!!!! u r jus growing hatred among us…. if u all r children of ur own father then accept this truth.!!

  • Pawan

    You guys are big liars..How can you say Buddha was born in India??? Don’t you have any kind of shame..The director, the actor..all of u are big liars..go find lumbini in nepal..You guys start to built fake lumbini, fake birth place of Buddha and all those crap in India..

  • Zhoti ga ju

    You all r liar,how can u say buddha was brn in india wthout knowing any history ?AND directer u tink u being popular to flow such fake news…..u r lair n u all r make fake lumbini,fake bth plc of buddha n fake serial also…..BUDDHA WAS ONLY BRON IN NEPAL ok….damn…..