Kadambari Kadam nervous about replacing Shamin Mannan in Sanskaar

The Marathi actor is excited, but nervous about replacing Shamin Mannan as Bhoomi, the lead character of TV serial Sanskaar: Dharohar Apnon Ki

Kadambari Kadam believes she has more responsibility as she is stepping into the shoes of an established character.

“I’m excited but more than that I am nervous. There is a sense of responsibility because when you replace an established character, your responsibility increases,” said Kadambari on sets of Sanskaar: Dharohar Apnon Ki. “I would have to work hard and I am going to take it positively. I hope people will like it,” she added.

Kadambari went on to say that she is inspired by Shamin’s work. “I have seen Shamin act in the show before i got the role. She has done a wonderful job, however,  I will stick to the brief  given to me, but will portray it the way i understand Bhoomi’s character.” The actor is making a come back on television after four years. She was earlier seen in the show Teen Bahuraniyaan.

How was it working with Jay Soni? “I have seen several of his shows and i think he is a wonderful actor. It’s a great opportunity to work with a talented actor like Jay Soni. In fact the entire cast is very talented,” she added.

Sanskaar, aired on Colors, tells the story of a Gujarati family where an NRI daughter-in-law tries to adjust herself in their traditional set-up.

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