Kahaani 2 to be made only next year – did Sujoy Ghosh mess up?

That’s the story! The jubilant filmmaker, who was all set to start shooting Kahaani 2 two months ago, has demanded a whopping Rs 35 crores from producer PEN India Pvt Ltd, along with several other unjustifiable demands

After bagging almost a dozen awards this year for Kahaani, Sujoy Ghosh took home the most prestigious honour – a National Award for Best Screenplay for his 2012 suspense thriller. The Vidya Balan starrer not only made Sujoy a household name, but gave him fresh status as one of the most sought after directors in Bollywood. Naturally, Ghosh was eagerly looking forward to start shooting the sequel, scheduled for this April. But then reports said that Ghosh wanted to re-check Kahaani 2’s script. And now a story floating by hints at the real reason causing the delay.

As per a newspaper report, Sujoy wrote a letter to Jayantilal Gada, CMD of PEN India Pvt Ltd and co-producer of Kahaani, demanding Rs 35 crore for the sequel, in advance, which includes Rs 28 crores as making cost, Ghosh’s remuneration and Rs 7 crore for publicity. Ghosh has allegedly stated that PEN India will only finance Kahaani 2, but the music and satellite rights will rest with the filmmaker’s own company, Boundscript. “An offer has been made to make the film together,” Sujoy has said. “If PEN accepts, we’ll go ahead. If not, I’ll have to look for someone else.” Fuming producer Gada insists that “As per our original agreement, Sujoy has no right to make Kahaani 2 without our consent. How can I accept things unconditionally?”

PEN India Pvt Ltd, in reply to Ghosh’s letter stated that only if the filmmaker can provide the break-up of the movie budget, movie script and Vidya Balan’s confirmation letter for doing the film would the company be interested to produce the sequel. Our well-trusted khabroo, who was keeping a close eye on the Gada-Ghosh cold war, informs us that “Kahaani 2 will be made next year, if things are sorted between Ghosh and Gada. Presently, both PEN and Sujoy are busy with other projects”.

Considering all this hoo-ha, wethinks it’s high time Ghosh stopped acting pricey and channelised all his energies in the right direction to sort things out asap. After all, we don’t want to wait too much longer to see Kahaani 2!