KAHAANI spoiler out, thanks to Kolkata Metro officials!

While speaking to the media about their unhappiness with a particular scene, they also let one of director Sujoy Ghosh’s cats out of the bag. If you don’t want to know what it is, then stop right here!

If you’ve seen the trailer of Kahaani, you would have definitely noticed the last shot. It shows an anonymous man pushing Vidya Balan’s character in front of an oncoming train. That one shot takes the trailer to a completely new level of excitement. Officials of the Kolkata Metro too have watched the trailer but instead of being excited about it, they are berating director Sujoy Ghosh. They are so upset that they even revealed that the shot is actually a misleading one.

Here’s what happened. Sujoy shot some crucial scenes – including this one – at Tollygunj and Kalighat railways stations of the Kolkata Metro for four days. The officials permitted him to shoot and were happy about it till they saw the final result. They believed that the scene will give criminals more ideas for murder, thereby tarnishing the image of the Metro and making their jobs tougher. “After watching the promos, we found the scene very objectionable. The Metro has been plagued by suicides. Till date we have registered 224 cases of suicides of which 124 have resulted in death. Following our objection, the said scene has been removed from the promos,” Kolkata Metro spokesperson Pratyush Ghosh told IANS.

Sujoy, while trying to convince them of the importance of the scene, told them that it is just a dream sequence! Yes, he gave out the plot twist to calm them down but they still went ahead and passed on the twist to the media. “Ghosh will give us the video (of the entire scene) shortly. After watching the clip and discussing it with the filmmaker, we will decide whether the scene should be retained in the movie or not. It is a dream sequence and Sujoy says it is integral to the movie,” said Pratyush. “Our cause of concern is how much the scene can damage Metro’s image. Only after watching the entire clip we would be able judge that and decide accordingly,” he added.

If being pushed in front of a train is a dream sequence, does it mean that the missing husband Arnab Bagchi doesn’t exist either? Is Vidya Balan’s character Vidya Bagchi mentally unstable in the film? Till we do find out, relax, as Vidya didn’t fall directly in front of the train. It’s all computer generated imagery (CGI)!

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